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26th July, 2016

Our website is not just another ‘protest’ website, we are reaching many thousands of readers who come on the site to see what is going on in connection with Britain’s Membership of the EU. Apart from the hundreds of Facebook and Twitter references to our articles on a daily basis, we also have a massive readership that actually comes to the site to read the whole of an article and then go on to read several more. We have many hundreds, often thousands of regular visitors to the site every single day. In the last 24 hours alone (according to Wassup statistics), we have had (so far at mid day) 1802 visits resulting in 4776 page reads (an average of 2.65 page reads per visit). But, even this number is far surpassed by regularly hitting between 4000 to 5000 per day with a record 8,863 views in a single day just a couple of months ago. We are simply getting the word out there to the people that would otherwise be denied the necessary information that they should have been informed of; not just by the Government but especially by the ‘Leave’ campaigners. Had they done so, we would not be having the constant bickering that we now have inside and outside of Government over Brexit.

We are not just republishing articles and providing videos and documents pertaining to the EU but also documents in our archives that have been kept hidden to the population especially in our ebook; ‘Democracy in a Federalise Europe’ which can be downloaded either as a PDF file that can be read on all computers and an animated ‘flipbook’ version that can be read on a PC only.

We are also active behind the scenes in trying to promote our cause. Long term readers of this site and its predecessor, will remember the ‘Table Talk’ series of live web casts on Google+ (some available in our ‘Video’ section} and will remember the show that included Rodney Atkinson talking about the treason of politicians and how he, together with Norris McWhirter (Guiness records fame) attempted to have Douglas Hurd and Francis Maude indicted for treason in signing Britain up for the Maastricht Treaty. The suit was illegally blocked by the CPS for purely political reasons with the statement that ‘had treason been committed then, Maastricht would have made it legal’. This is complete legal nonsense because Maastricht could not have changed the situation as the treason occurred when it WAS illegal.

A couple of days ago, we republished an article by Mr Atkinson that explained that under the United Nations inaugurate ‘Vienna Convention on Treaty Law: 1969’. ALL of the EU Treaties are ILLEGAL under International Treaty. It could be argued quite forcefully, that the European Union itself does not EXIST because every treaty that has been signed since the Treaty of Rome is illegal. The article can be read here.

Yesterday, I sent an email to John Redwood MP including all of this information with the possible view of sponsoring a High Court action on not only the illegality of refusing the treason suit against Hurd and Maude but also challenging the illegality of Britain actually being a member of the European Union. A copy of the email is printed here.  The email contains several links to further information.

I also sent a copy of the email to the news desk at the Daily Express yesterday afternoon. I have not had a direct reply from them, but in this morning’s edition, there was an article discussing Mr. Redwood’s all party campaign to have all EU Treaties repealed. Coincidence? The article is reproduced here .  It shews details of a poll in which 98% voted to leave the EU NOW.

Many people believe that the Article 50 route is a trap that will keep Britain within the EU with no right to speak but be subjected to as many Directives and Edicts that the EU wishes to impose upon us while still in and we will still have to contribute to EU coffers including a probable bale-out for Italy’s almost bankrupt banking system.

In the meant time, will continue to work tirelessly until we are rid of the obscenity that is the EU.

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establishing whether or not these treaties are illegal will be a long-drawn out legal affair, with unpredictable results, although the pressure will be to declare them legal by hook or by crook. Why can’t we simply declare that we are leaving, after first putting into place contingency plans to support farmers and whoever else relies on EU financial support. We must act from strength. The EU needs us as much as we need them. If they threaten, we respond in kind. The drop in value of the £ makes imports to EU no more costly even if tariffs are applied-and… Read more »

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