‘We don’t trust her’ Theresa May faces Tory revolt if she FAILS to curb migration from EU

THERESA May faces a rebellion from her own party if she surrenders control over immigration to Brussels bureaucrats.

Theresa May

GETTY   Theresa May could face a furious backlash from Eurosceptic MPs

The Prime Minister has sought to assure Tory Eurosceptics that “Brexit means Brexit” after last month’s historic vote to quit the EU.But they want her to deliver a “hard Brexit” by taking the UK out of the single market and finally putting an end to freedom of movement.They fear Mrs May could strike a Norway-style deal with EU chiefs, meaning Britain would have to keep close ties with the union.
One said: “We don’t trust her. She’s got off to a good start but the jury is out.”The idea of an ongoing relationship with the European Union is not acceptable.”

Francois Hollande and Theresa May

REUTERS    They fear she will strike a Norway-style deal with Brussels chiefs

Steve Baker, who led the Conservatives for Britain campaign, said the MPs in the group “don’t want to be oppositional at the moment”.But he warned there will be a “great deal of dissatisfaction” if Mrs May accepts a compromise on border control in return for a favourable trade deal.He told the Sunday Times: “British migration policy needs to be operated on the basis of British citizenship, not EU citizenship.”

Theresa May

GETTY   Mrs May replaced David Cameron in Downing Street on July 13

This morning Patrick McLoughlin, the Tory chairman, insisted Mrs May will oversee a “considerable” fall in migration from EU countries.He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “We’re coming out of the European Union, we want to see our own borders under our control.”Mr McLoughlin also failed to rule out the possibility of Mrs May calling a snap General Election, but said it was unlikely.

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Scotland and Northern Ireland together represent less than 10% of the UK Population.

They both had referenda to remain in the UK in 2014 and 1975 respectively which both had overwhelming support to stay in the UK and all that entails.

To use the words of Juncher and Hollande; They cannot ‘cherry pick’ what they want.

Mrs. May, you wanted the job of Prime Minister, now live up to the responsibility of Leadership which does not include ‘touchy-feely’ attitudes.

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