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This is Yamina Petitjean. She looks like any other European woman. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that she is indigenous to one of the southern European countries such as Spain or Italy, just another ordinary person. But she is not. She is the Mother of Abdelmalik Petitjean, one of the fanatics that cut the throat of an 85 year old Priest in Normandy. Despite all of the evidence, she insists that her son in not a monster.

There are hundreds of cases of Muslim Parents that are in denial that their children are radicalized when they become ‘suicide bombers’, go off to Syria to fight for ISIS or becoming ‘Jihadi Brides’. One Mother even blamed the Police when her daughter went of to Syria.

What is common to all of them is that they live among us and go generally unnoticed by the population until they do something that to the General Population is an anathema and outside of what most People in Britain and Europe consider to be civilised behaviour.

Most Muslims are Law abiding and deplore the violence that is perpetrated in the name of their religion, indeed, many of the victims of such violence are Muslims themselves. But, there is a minority of Muslims, many of whom may be fourth or fifth generation British who are in daily contact with radical Islamic clerics who preach violence and hate against the society that succours them.

Many of you will remember the Communist Union Leaders of the sixties and seventies that came to prominence through sheer doggedness and hard work to rise to the top and cause massive disruption to the Country. In this Country, and much of Europe, there are far too many ‘Imams’ that rise to prominence because they prey on the disillusionment of young Muslims and teach them to hate Society.

Many of these ‘Imams’ are first or second generation migrants who bring with them the hatred from their own countries in which violence is a way of life. The come to Europe to reap the physical benefits whilst at the same time, decrying the Western way of life which, according to their warped interpretation of Islam is hateful and must be eradicated. They do not see the incongruity of their actions in coming to Europe to have such benefits when it is such a way of life that makes such benefits possible.


The situation has become immeasurably worse by the massive influx of migrants into Europe encouraged by the European Union Elite. I could be charitable and say that their motives were naive, but I cannot. They are deliberate. It has become obvious that the plutocratic oligarchy that runs the EU that they wish to create an homogeneous and cheap workforce with no concept of Nationalism and they care not what form that takes as they, themselves, will be immune from the effects of it.

Angela Merkel is using the issue of the declining birthrate in Germany as the justification for bringing in millions of migrants whose lifestyle is totally at odds with the indigenous population. Her initial ploy was to dress up the situation as an humanitarian gesture to allow Syrian refugees to come to Europe but it quickly became obvious that her true intention was to allow anybody who wanted to come to Europe to be allowed to. The Syrians are outnumbered by far by economic migrants from the whole of the Levant, the Horn of Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asians from Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are not all Muslims, but they are all from totally disparate tribal regions where violence is endemic as is total misogyny in which their women are seen as chattels, and what is worse for us, they bring those attitudes with them to inflict on the host Nations.

Already, these migrants are causing considerable mayhem and violence to most of Europe but the answer from Merkel and Juncker is to bring in more and more. The European Union is in grave danger of breaking up and the only possible way of preventing that, according to Merkel’s and Juncker’s way of thinking is to flood Europe with migrants to hasten the homongenisation and bring about their dream of a single European Country – Europa.

Britain has the opportunity to be well out of the situation. We can only hope that the majority of the rest of Europe begin to realise the insidious nature of the ruling Elite and choose to do as Britain has done an abandon the whole project to become Free Nations living and trading together without the yoke of a thoroughly undemocratic institution such as the EU. If we can live and work together within the EU, we can certainly do it as Free Nations once again.

This is not a rant against Islam

The majority of the World’s Muslims go about their daily lives caring for their children and their elderly in harmony with each other.  However, there are many millions whose life is is in turmoil due largely to internecine rivalry between different factions of the same religion.  They live mainly in a belt of the World centred on the Middle East. North Africa, the Horn of Africa and the mountainous regions of Southern Asia.  It may be significant that the environment in which they live is harsh and for almost 1500 years has been based largely in a tribal society that has been beset by violent altercation between tribal groups jealous of their lands and the rivalries of the different sects of Islam.  To them, it is normal to carry and use weapons.  The only Law that commands them is the local War Lord and their religious doctrine which in turn is set by the particular interpretation of Islam by their ‘Clergy’.

This violent attitude is by no means peculiar to Islam.  The two other major religions; Christianity and Judaism have also had considerable violence in the past.  The problem with all religions, though peaceful in their doctrine, have all been beset by fundamentalists intent upon ‘converting’ all others to their way of thinking.

The Christians 1100 years ago set about the Crusades in which they tried to rid the ‘Holy Cities’ of the ‘Infidel’ Muslims and continued well into the Middle Ages with various atrocities such as the ‘Inquisition’ in which the Catholic Church under various Popes tried to maintain their control over the population by many bestial acts which certainly rival any that have occurred in recent times during times of war.  Well into the last Century, Christian missionaries have attempted to convert many of the peoples of Africa and Asia to Christianity, often against their will.

The Jews too, have had many warlike tribes throughout history that were in no way less violent than those that they fought but as the ‘chosen people’ saw themselves above the rest of humanity.

Fundamentalism in Christianity and Judaism is largely confined to small enclaves today though they still exist.  The Jews still have groups such as Hasidic Jews which adhere to the specific word of the Talmud and also the more violently fundamentalist Ashkenazim in Israel.  Christianity too, has its own fundamentalist groups such as the ‘Creationists’ in America that believe in strict adherence to the words of the Bible including that the Earth was created in just 6 days.  However, these groups are largely peaceful.  It may be that over millenia, these groups have learned to live in relative harmony.

The same cannot be said of much of the desert regions of Islam.  Those regions have been largely composed of disparate groups, each with their own ideas of the teachings of the Koran and have constantly warred against each other.  This went largely unnoticed by the World until the last Century.  Then, due to the wealth brought about by Oil, they acquired much of the trappings of the Western way of life and began to look further afield in their quest to convert all to Islam.  Many came to the West and settled into Western Society but most did not.  In an atmosphere where it was normal to carry weapons, many millions continued to war with each other. But this time, they used the sophisticated weaponry of the West which inevitably spread local violence into Regional violence.

This is not to suggest that Muslims are in any way inferior.  They most certainly are not but merely ‘victims’ of their environment.  Though this violence was seldom far below the surface, there were also very enlightened men of Islam that brought the World much scientific and cultural knowledge.  In the ‘Golden Age’ of Islam between, roughly the 8th and 13th Centuries, Islamic Scholars translated many texts from the Indian, Assyrian, Iranian and Greek languages into Arabic which was used as a basis for scientific enlightenment.  They gave the World considerable knowledge in Mathematics, Astronomy, Medicine, Physics, Alchemy and Chemistry, Cosmology, Ophthalmology, Geography and Cartography to name but a few.  The ‘Moors’ brought much of this knowledge to Europe in an Empire that stretched along the North African coast, across to Spain and into Europe up to what is now Austria.  Islam during this period had a flourishing trade with China both by land and sea.

Unfortunately, the ‘Golden Age’ went by the by and Islam once more descended into warlike ways with various ‘Caliphs’ conquering large swathes of land from Eastern Europe across to Western India.  It was not until the early 1930’s that another enlightened Muslim, Mustafa Kamel Ataturk, decided that Turkey should become a secular State with Islam as its main religion although he was enlightened enough to allow other religions such as Christianity to flourish.  Ataturk brought Turkey into a long period of peaceful affluence though that period seems to be in the process of returning to fundamentalism that is endemic in the Region under Erdogan together with the vicious suppression of the Kurds.

African Migration too is a problem

Much of African history is also tribal where the strongest preyed upon the weak.  The Zulu and the Matabele from Southern Africa swept up much of the Eastern Coast as far as what is now Zimbabwe (formerly North and South Rhodesia) wiping out the less belligerent and the peaceful tribes on the way.  They and many other tribes took many of the weaker peoples into slavery and sold them to the Arabs and the European and American slave traders.

Africans too have acquired many of the trappings of European and Western technology and prosperity but even in recent times, there is still much atrocity such as genocide in Rwanda and other countries, there is the upsurge of Boko Haram in Nigeria and much of Africa suffers from endemic corruption in Government.

The European Alternative

Whereas it is acknowledged that Germany has a declining birthrate and Europe as a whole needs more young people to sustain its ageing population, Merkel went about it in entirely the wrong way.  Instead of allowing steady immigration from the more advanced countries of the World, She chose to flood Europe with totally disparate migrants that were never intended to assimilate into the established cultures of Europe but instead to overwhelm them in an effort to eradicate Nationalism.  This is with the sole intention to establish a single State of Europe with an homogenized workforce that is only to the benefit of the Corporative Oligarchy that poses as the political union.  It is the ultimate treason to attempt to eradicate the cultures of Europe’s People as much as it is the treason of National politicians to bring their own countries into the Union without the consent of their own People.

She and Juncker have both declared that there should be no cessation of this policy despite the fact that there is a distinct potential for Europe to descend into anarchy as opposite factions fight for supremacy.  There is much violence already but let us hope that the Peoples of Europe wake up and see what is being done to them before it is too late.


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Somewhat unfair to conflate Judaism with violence. There has been no Jewish violence for two thousand years, during which time they have almost always been oppressed and stigmatized. Jews have never tried to convert others to Judaism. the small minority of Hasidic Jews keep very much to themselves, and certainly are not violent. Although Israel is stigmatized, it is far more sinned against than sinning, being surrounded by countries and cultures who want to destroy it completely,and which have started three unsuccessful wars against it, and continue to terrorize it on a daily basis.


This is one of the most thoughtful, rational pieces I have read on this critically important issue. the current situation can, most definitely, not be ignored or swept “under the carpet” in an attempt to remain “politically correct”. It is of vital significance, now more than ever.

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