Thousands of Syrian migrants arrested for trying to SLIP into the UK

THOUSANDS of Syrian migrants are illegally sneaking into the UK, according to shocking figures.

borderGETTY   More than 5,000 Syrians have been caught in the past three-and-a-half years

More than 5,000 have been caught in the past three-and-a-half years getting through Britain’s borders.The statistics, obtained from a Freedom of Information request by the Daily Star Sunday,reveal 2,227 Syrians without any form of paperwork were arrested and detained in the UK last year – which equates to 42 a week.

That figure is up from 1,442 in 2014, and just 882 the year before.

And some 1,000 are already thought to have been arrested this year alone.

The number of Syrians trying to get into the country illegally has continued to grow over the years, from just seven in 2012.Two months before airstrikes started in the country last October, 509 Syrians were arrested in the UK.

borderGETTY  In 2014 there were 2081 applications, with 323 rejected.

By last December, 70 per cent of illegal Syrian immigrants who had been granted temporary admission or release were thought to have slipped through the hands of authorities.An immigration source said: “The Government has told enforcement officers to make Syrians a priority and make sure their asylum claims are dealt with above all else.

“Most are not being removed so anyone who gets here and has a claim refused just stays on temporary admission or release.

“Obviously that increases the chances of them going AWOL.“And that’s what tends to happen.

“Once their claim has been considered and refused, and they’re thrown out of Home Office accommodation and given money, they just disappear and are usually only encountered when the immigration officers find them working illegally or in a house where a target is living.

borderNC  There are fears terrorists are using the migration routes through western Europe to infiltrate count

“The bottom line is that we are seeing a huge increase in the number of Syrians gaining illegal entry either on boats or in the back of lorries driven by smuggling gangs.”Syrian president Bashar al-Assad had previously warned terrorists could be among the millions crossing the European mainland.

The controversial leader previously said when asked about the issue: “It’s a mixture. The majority, they are good Syrians, they are patriots…but of course you have infiltration of terrorists among them, that is true.”Germany, which has been rocked by a spate of terrorist attacks in recent months, uncovered photos of an ISIS terrorist from Algeria posing as a Syrian refugee to get into the country.

borderGETTY  2,227 Syrians without any form of paperwork were arrested and detained in the UK last year

The 34-year-old, who was was later arrested at a refugee shelter, was photographed posing with a handgun al

ongside a cache of weapons and ammunition.

From January to March last year, 524 Syrians applied for asylum in the UK and 92 were refused.

In 2014 there were 2081 applications, with 323 rejected.And 134 Syrians were refused entry to the UK from January 2014 to March 2015.

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The problem, entirely due to inaction by our government,, is that even if asylum is denied, they are not immediately deported, and simply disappear into the black economy. Even when caught climbing out of the backs of lorries, they are simply told to report ot Croydon, and the same thing happens.and anyway, if they have come from a safe country, usually France, they should be sent straight back to claim asylum there.

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