NIGHT OF HORROR: ‘Rioting’ migrants in Calais burn lorry after storming ring road to port

RIOTING Calais migrants set fire to a lorry as they blocked roads with debris and made a mass bid to reach Britain last night, according to reports in the port town.

Pictures emerged on social media of a charred truck which locals say was set alight by gangs of asylum seekers who stormed the ring road leading to the port.Describing a “night of violence” campaign groups in the lawless northern French town described witnessing a “riot” as migrants attempted to slow lorries headed for the UK.

According to reports they piled up debris on the motorway and set fire to it to force trucks to slow down, so that they could smash the locks and stow away inside.The latest night of violence comes as the population of the Jungle camp continues to swell despite French police attempts to dismantle it, with a new census revealing it is now home to a massive 7,300 people all hoping to sneak into Britain.

The burning truck in CalaisFacebook/Les Calaisiens en Colere      Migrants have reportedly set fire to a truck in Calais

The truck on fireFacebook/Les Calaisiens en Colere      Locals reported that migrants ‘rioted’ last night

Lorry drivers transporting goods to and from the UK have endured yet another summer of violence as many migrants become increasingly desperate to make the trip across the channel.Haulage industry representatives have revealed many are going to ever more extreme lengths to smuggle themselves onto lorries, with many now routinely arming themselves for nightly raids on the motorway.

The use of barricades, which are often set alight, is also common as a method of forcing lorries to stop on the road leading up to the port.

The latest violence is said to have taken place last night according to the a campaign group of local citizens who are working to highlight the plight of the town.

The burnt out truckFacebook/Les Calaisiens en Colere     According to reports, gangs of migrants stormed the road leading to the port

The burnt out truckFacebook/Les Calaisiens en Colere     Fortunately, the driver was reportedly not injured in the incident

Posting on Facebook, Les Calaisiens en Colere described a “riot” in the Jungle camp and said that gangs of migrants had headed out and smashed through fencing protecting the dual carriageway leading up to the port.The group said they then made a huge barricade with of logs and rocks, which they set fire to, adding that the migrants also “stoned anything that moved”.

Activists stated that they also set fire to the truck, with video showing a blaze ripping through the trailer of the vehicle, adding that the migrants “were violent”.

Fortunately, the driver is not believed to have been hurt in the incident, they added.

The latest scenes will further intensify fears surrounding the growing migrant crisis on Britain’s doorstep.

Last week a migrant was hacked to death in the lawless Jungle camp, which is run by gangs of people smugglers and is rife with crime.French police have attempted to up their efforts to dismantle the camp and move its inhabitants into more permanent accommodation, but this has been opposed by the migrants living there – often violently.

Natacha Bouchart, the Mayor of Calais, has vowed that the Jungle will be “torn down” imminently and police have conducted several operations to clear parts of the camp.

But migrants who fear that their movements will be more closely monitored in state sanctioned accommodation – thwarting their nightly bids to reach Britain – are reluctant to leave.

There is currently an ‘official’ camp within the Jungle where some 1,500 people, including women and children, live in a series of converted shipping containers.

Another 400 odd mothers with young ones can sleep in the Jules Ferry centre nearby.

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