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EU’s clout on world stage will DIMINISH without UK in wake of Brexit, survey predicts

THE crumbling European Union’s clout on the world stage could diminish following Britain’s momentous decision to break away from the bloc, a global survey has predicted.

The EU's influence on the world stage would diminish without the UK GETTY

The EU’s influence on the world stage would diminish without the UK

As the world’s population react to Britain’s bold bid for freedom in its sensational vote to sever ties with the EU superstate, it has emerged more than half (54 per cent) believe the beleaguered 27-member state will be made WEAKER without the UK.

In a major new Ipsos survey carried out across 16 countries, 53 per cent of nine EU countries believe Brexit could herald an economic apocalypse in the bloc’s already ailing economy.

And in another blow, just under half (47 per cent) say the EU’s influence on the world stage will be diminished without UK membership.

Adults aged under 65 were quizzed online in Belgium, France, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and seven non-European countries including Canada, US, Japan, Russia, India, Australia and South Africa.

MEPs warned the EU would crumble in five years GETTY

MEPs warned the EU would crumble in five years

There is not wholesale panic

Bobby Duffy, managing director from Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute

The results will come as a torpedo to Brussels bigwigs already plagued by harsh warnings of a domino effect, which will rip through the eurozone as Euroscepticism sweeps the continent.

Just a day after the astonishing Brexit vote, some MEPs quickly warned the EU would crumble within five years.

The insightful survey shows a differing opinion among people across the globe inside and outside of Europe.

In Poland and Britain, 64 per cent of people think the EU will be made weaker without us. Opinion polls are marginally different in France where only 37 per cent of citizens believe Brexit will have a negative impact on the EU economy and 43 per cent back this in Germany.

In Japan, 69 per cent believe Brexit will weaken the EU’s economy, compared with just 35 per cent in India.

The survey also reveals other European countries are concerned about what the Brexit result means for them. More than half (58 per cent) of EU countries say it was the wrong decision for the EU, while 55 per cent think it was the wrong decision for Britain.

Interestingly, 50 per cent think it was bad news for their own country, with Polish people (58 per cent), Spanish and Swedish (both 55 per cent) particularly worried about the negative implications of Brexit on their shores.

But flying in the face of Leave scaremongering, views about Brexit are positive outside the EU.

Nigel FarageGETTY

Nigel Farage fronted the Brexit campaign

Russia and India in particular are more likely to say the UK will be stronger (47 per cent and 44 per cent) than weaker (17 per cent and 36 per cent).

While the US is evenly split, with 32 per cent saying the UK will be weaker, but 33 per cent saying Britain will be stronger.

Reacting to the findings, Bobby Duffy, managing director from Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute, insisted there was no need for “wholesale panic”.

Vladimir Putin GETTY

The people of Russia appear to believe Brexit was a good idea

He said: “The UK’s vote to leave the EU was a shock across the continent and beyond, and this survey shows it’s still something that many are coming to terms with. But there is not wholesale panic – in fact fears of a ‘domino effect’ seem to be receding.

“There is, however, no doubt that the majority in Europe see it is a worrying outcome, one that brings risks for the UK, the EU and their own country.

“But the survey also shows there is no one opinion on this in the EU and beyond. There are plenty who see this as an opportunity as much as a challenge.”

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