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Now 4 + 1 Petitions to be signed.


We at believe that we are doing an important job to try and inform the People of what is going on in the European Union and how it is effecting their lives.  We also believe that our job is to campaign to have the Government do what is right for the British People.  Although we have an increasingly large readership (Averaging around 17000 page views per week over the past 3 months.) these page views, unlike twitter and facebook which are often just passed on, people have consciously signed in to read these articles.

We obviously have no idea whether anyone in Government actually reads our posts.  In order to change this situation, we have embarked on a policy of introducing various petitions on the Government website and providing that we can get sufficient numbers of signatures for each one, it will force the Government to acknowledge us.

Most of our readership are dedicated people that wish to see Britain out of the  EU and will allow us to flourish as an independent Country once again,   Many of you take an active part and contribute regularly to the ‘comments’ section on each post.  We welcome such involvement very much.  What we are asking us that ALL of you regularly check this post for new petitions and sign them, but most importantly, to pass the information to all that you know.  Whether they be friends and family and your contacts on Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.  It is so necessary that we get enough signatures  (10,000 ) to first force the Government to acknowledge the petition’s existence but ideally, we need to collect at least 100,000 signatures for each one that will give us a chance for the petition to be discussed in open Parliament.  It is the only way that we can think of to ensure that he Government listens to us.

We have at present, four new petitions that have been published and are receiving signatures.  Appended below are brief reasons as to why we have submitted them together with the links to each petition.  We have also added a foifth petition that was not started by us, but we believe that it is worth adding to our list.

If anyone has any queries, please feel free to ask in the comments section at the bottom of the post.  Normally, you will have a answer within 24 hours but usually much less.

The Government inaugurates a system to record all entry and exit to Britain.

Shamefully, this Country has no effective mechanism to record the details of those that enter and leave Britain.  This is a disgrace as Britain is an island that makes it so much simpler for ordinary records to be kept.  At this time, the Government has absolutely no idea of who is in the Country or not.  In these days of technology, it is indeed shameful that the Border Force has not been given the computer systems to do so.  This particular item has been discussed in our post:’ It is essential that Britain has the facility to record all new entry and exit before the expected last minute rush of migrants before secession from the EU.  The link to the petition is:

The Government ignores the EU and starts to negotiate and sign trade deals now

Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty is considered by many people to be a trap.  Under Article 50, the seceding Nation is not allowed to be party to the negotiations of the Council of Ministers.  In other words, the EU will consider what they will ‘give’ us as a ‘negotiiated’ deal at the end of the process which will be a fait accompli.  Due to the petty mindedness of EU Officials, they see Brexit as a ‘Betrayal’ despite the fact that they had the opportunity to negotiate with David Cameron a reasonable deal to prevent us leaving but chose not to.  Any ‘deal’ that they present us with will not be generous.  Especially so when the EU’s Chief Negotiator is a Frenchman, Michel Barnier, who blames Brexit for the loss of his French Government post and is ‘hostile’ to Britain.

Since 2009, Britain has done more trade with the rest of the World than with the EU and at greater profit.  This is despite the fact that under the EU customs union, we have been forced to impose tariffs on those that trade with us from outside of the EU.  Ian Duncan Smith is on record that he expects that in a two year period (the Article 50 period), Britain can negotiate sufficient trade pacts with the outside World to more than compensate us for any possible loss of trade with the EU.  It will not come to a loss of trade with the EU because the large German and French manufacturers will not allow their respective Governments to impose punitive trade conditions upon Britain because they need our trade.  This is not conjecture, Britain is the major customer for much of their high value goods.

However, Britain is alone in having stuck assiduously to EU rules whereas most of the other Members have not, especially France and Germany.  If we should continue to do so with respect to the EU prohibition of Britain negotiating its own trade deals, Britain could be left at the point of secession with some trade deals ready to be signed but NO actual trade being carried out.  This will leave Britain with a massive loss of revenue that could have otherwise not been lost had we already been in commerce with those Countries.  It would not be morally wrong for Britain to ignore EU directives on trade during the run up to Secession as the other States of the EU regularly do so when it suits their National interest.  Britain should ignore any spurious monetary penalties from the EU as any possible sanctions by the EU will be largely to the EU detriment.  In the light of this, it is incumbent on the British Government to ‘grow some’.

Parliament debates the legality of EU treaties with regard to Vienna Convention.  (Probably the most important)

For many decades since Edward Heath illegally took Britain into the then EEC, successive Governments have been aware that to  sublimate British sovereignty was illegal under the various treason acts.  However, politicians within those Governments chose to ignore that fact due to their personal agenda.  Many attempts have been made to point out this illegality but has met with severe resistance from politicians and the Judiciary.

In 2004, Rodney Atkinson, a universally recognised writer and constitutional expert attempted with Norris McWhirter to prosecute Douglas Hurd and Francis Maude for Treason in signing the Maastricht Treaty which laid out much of the groundwork that enabled the EU to dominate the British Parliament and its Laws.  The prosecution was blocked by the CPS though much later, in conversation with a very senior Judge, it was admitted to Rodney that the attempt of the prosecution was considered a ‘bloody good attempt’ according to senior Judiciary to have the Treaty overturned.  It is such a shame that the prosecution was not allowed to go ahead by placement Lawyers in the CPS.

In a recent article by Rodney on his website (,  Rodney proves that under the UN inaugurated Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties:1969 (VCLT) which came into effect on the 27th January, 1980 made it illegal that any subsequent treaties between nation states were illegal if they abrogated sovereignty of any those states or breached any National Law unless it was SPECIFICALLY repealed.  It is recognised by every British Government since then that those treaties entered into since January, 1980 were illegal because they knowingly entered into them know that it would involve a loss of sovereignty but also, the signatories were committing treason by signing them.  Successive Governments have chosen to completely ignore this illegality.  The purpose of this petition is to require them in Law to discuss the matter in open Parliament where it is open  to not only MPs, but also scrutiny of their reaction to the People.  This is probably the most important petition that you will ever sign if you have any regard to democracy and the Parliament that is supposed to represent us.

Government should not delay initiating secession because of Germans and French

Although Theresa May is trying to give the impression that she is working towards Brexit, she also appears to be using every reason that she can find to delay declaring British secession from the European Union.  First she tells the Country that she will hold talks with the devolved Parliaments, including the Welsh which voted for secession.  It is becoming increasingly obvious, especially with the SNP that there will be no compromise on their part.

There are now indications that Brexit will not be completed, at the earliest, until the end of 2019 until after the French followed by the German Federal Elections in the Autumn of 1017 because May professes that the uncertainty of who will lead each of those Countries after the elections.

Delaying Article 50 because of German and French General Elections in 2017 is a political ruse on the part of Theresa May as the negotiations will not be affected by either result.  Negotiations can be carried out prior to the elections and if there is a change of leadership in either, or both of France and Germany then negotiations can be carried on by the new Leader(s).  Both Germany and France at present are the greatest obstacles to a fair deal without having open borders.  If there is a change of Leadership in Germany, it will likely be because of the success of AfD and likewise in France, it will likely be because of Front Nationale.  Both of those possible usurpers are Eurosceptic Parties and are unlikely to make difficult negotiations;  in fact, the opposite is probably true.

There is no reason why negotiations cannot start because a change will be to our advantage and make them easier.

All European Union flags, emblems and logos be removed from all public buildings

This is not one of our petitions but we thought we should include it because it will help to show the Government that we are serious about Brexit.

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Elaine Rawlings

Please keep me in the Loop i am rt and fb all the time and telling everyone i can


I have just read this and found it extremely informative. However it would appear all the petitions are out of date so cannot be signed.

Margaret robinson

Pader i subscribe and contribute to your mag but my comments never seem to appear. Am i doing something wrong

Margaret robinson

Thank you pader. I signed and shared. I have also bumped up the article to the first page on brexit and asked alex to pin it there. I will put on as many sites as possible.. Please message alex direct and ask him to pin the article to the front page . thanks margaret

Sheila Costello

Signed and shared on all.


I have now signed them all and also shared them on Facebook and Twitter.

Stephen Tayler

Had signed two just signed the last one 🙂 Regards

Mark Bates

I am looking at this on my smart phone and am unable to click on the links

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