NO COMPROMISE: Britain will NOT pay money into Brussels coffers, top Tory blasts

BRITAIN should not pay any money into the European Union’s budget once the UK has ditched Brussels, Iain Duncan Smith has claimed.

Iain Duncan smithGETTY

Iain Duncan Smith said there would be no compromise when it came to Brexit

The leading Brexit campaigner said supporters of leaving the bloc will not stand for “Brexit-lite”.The former Conservative leader also branded peers threatening to block Britain leaving the EU as “a bunch of bad losers”.


The ex-cabinet member said the Government should honour the will of the people

Britain paid a net contribution of around £8.5billion last year to Brussels and the Open Europe think tank believes “it is likely” the UK would be expected to contribute to the EU “in exchange for access” to the markets.But the former secretary of state for work and pensions refuted the think tank’s suggestion.

That’s what they voted for – to take back control

Iain Duncan Smith

He said: “That’s what they voted for – to take back control. It is very simple.“There may be interim measures and we can’t bind the hands of the negotiators… It depends hugely what they’re talking about and you can’t second guess these things.”

Theresa MayGETTY

Duncan Smith said Theresa May ‘knows what she is doing’ for Brexit

He told the Times: “But when the British public voted to take back control, it was pretty clear that means control of their laws, their money and their borders.”Trade Secretary Liam Fox has suggested he wants Britain to leave the customs union to allow for more flexibility in striking trade deals.Mr Duncan Smith said: “The British people didn’t vote to be part of a customs union.

“They voted to leave the European Union. And leaving the EU means what it says. What is the point of having a trade guy like Liam Fox if at the end of the day he’s unable to make any trade deals?“You can’t make trade deals if you’re part of customs union. Why would Theresa May set up a job like that? The answer is she is very clear in what she wants.“She knows what she is doing.”

His warning comes after Baroness Wheatcroft called on members of the House of Lords to stop Theresa May triggering Article 50.The Tory peer said she would go against her own party whip in order to vote against Britain leave the EU.

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IDS has no idea what people want or what motivated them to vote leave as those questions were not asked. I wish he and others would stop hijacking for their own ends

Tony Rawlings

You really have to wonder who’s pulling their strings. These people don’t have the intelligence to figure it out by themselves.

jeanne farmer

No deals of any kind out means100% out!!!!!!!!

Dave Beet
Dave Beet

Europe needs to export to Britain much more than Britain needs to export there. Once the Sabres stop rattling maybe they might just get down to meaningful negotiations. Europe is falling apart under the misrule coming from the mandarins of Brussels!

Agnes Smith

Definitely no compromise they have had enough from us already threatening the Swiss so childish

josephine suddery
josephine suddery

the eu shoukd be careful as we the uk dont need to trade with them . it would be great but the workd is waiting to trade with us so i think WE have the upper hand now

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