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Merkel’s law: German threat to SLASH EU funding to Poland & Hungary for refusing to comply

GERMANY has threatened to slash European Union funding to Poland, Hungary and other countries for refusing to comply with EU values.


GETTY    Germany has threatened to slash funding to Poland and Hungary for not holding EU values

The bloc needs to impose “stronger rules for the disbursement of funds”, according to MEP Ingeborg Grassle.The Christian-Democrat added: “Countries that don’t respect EU laws, or countries that don’t participate enough in the resettlement of migrants or the registration of refugees, should be deprived of funds.”

Hungary and Poland

GETTY    Polish prime minister Beata Szydlo and her Hungarian PM Viktor Orban

Vice president of the European Parliament Alexander Graf Lambsdorff accused Poland and Hungary of flouting EU values.

He told German media: “The federal government must ensure, when the EU budget is reviewed this fall, that EU countries that are net recipients, such as Poland and Hungary, show more solidarity in the issue of refugees and also respect European values.”
The European multi-annual framework, which sets out guidelines for EU spending from 2014 to 2020 will be reviewed by Brussels bureaucrats at the end of the year.Germany makes the biggest contribution to Brussels, handing over more than £12billion with Poland and Hungary giving more than £7billion and £4billion respectively.

Karoly Kontrat, the Minister of State of the Ministry of Interior, did not hold back on his criticism as he insisted there are hundreds of terrorists in Europe as a result of migration.


GETTY      Alexander Graf Lambsdorff accused Poland and Hungary of flouting EU values

He said: “It is clearly demonstrable and can be stated as a fact that there is a connection between immigration and terrorism.”Other consequences of the migration crisis are health care implications as well as implications of a social, cultural and economic nature.

“More than 300 people have died in Europe as a result of terrorist attacks since mass illegal immigration started, and these attacks were committed by terrorists, with an immigrant background.”

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It seems to me that the European Union has become definitively what Merkel says. Germany is the largest and most prosperous Member but only (at present) one of 28 Member States whose combined vote far exceeds that of Germany. Merkel now, quite blatantly, considers that her edicts are of far more importance that the democratic (sic) will of the Union. There is now a direct parallel between the economic power of post war dominance of the United States upon the WTO. Eventually, several Member States of the WTO objected to that dominance. The answer from the US was to set… Read more »

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