9000 Calais migrants want to enter UK and they’re so dangerous camp is police no-go zone

THE number of British-bound migrants in the notorious Jungle camp in Calais has doubled to 9,000 in the past six months and now become a ‘major health and security risk’, police said today.

Migrants at Calais

GETTY   There are currently 9,000 migrants in Calais looking to get in to Britain

The surge in numbers comes after French officials warned this week that increasing numbers of jihadi terrorists could be hiding among the refugees at the sprawling site near the ferry port.

The squalid camp is also rife with disease, violence and prostitution and has a become a ‘no-go zone’ for police who are frequently attacked with iron bars and rocks when they try to enter.

A police spokesman said: “It’s truly mind boggling what’s going on there. The place is at breaking point and it’s worse than ever.

“It’s impossible to know if, for example, a jihadist from Belgium is hiding in there.

“This camp is a blind spot for national security in the middle of the state of emergency.”

The Calais jungle

GETTY    Officials have warned that jihadi terrorists could be hiding among the refugees near the ferry port

Calais police union spokesman Denis Hurth added: “With the heightened terrorist risk in all of France’s towns and cities, we only have around 1,000 officers here to tackle the most gigantic public order threats here.”

And Pascal Brice, head of France’s Office for the Protection of Refugees, added: “Identifying high-risk individuals has now become an absolute priority for us. It is imperative we root them out.”

Natacha Bouchart

GETTY     Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart blamed Britain’s ‘cushy benefits system’

Migrants in Calais

GETTY      A police spokesman said the camp is ‘a blind sport for national security’

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart has blamed Britain’s ‘black market economy’ and ‘cushy benefits system’ for thousands of migrants in her town.

She said last year: “Calais is a hostage to the British. The UK border should be moved from Calais to the English side of the Channel because we’re not here to do their jobs.”

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Instead of blaming Britain for being too good a Country, perhaps Madame Bouchart should start leaning on the French Government and Hollande in particular for allowing the situation to occur instead of breaking up the camp when it was smaller and more manageable and disperse the migrants to Southern France every time they attempt to travel to the North. There may only be 1000 Police, but they are armed and have armoured vehicles and water cannon available. They also have the blessing of Article 2 of the Charter for Fundamental Rights which allows them to use up to lethal force… Read more »

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