Malta making MILLIONS selling passports to ANYONE with the cash sparking UK security fears

MALTA has been accused of putting the UK’s security at risk after giving hundreds of non-EU citizens the right to stay in Britain.

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Malta’s government is issuing passports to the super-rich in exchange for cash

Nearly 700 Maltese passports have been issued to the super-rich under the hugely controversial ‘cash for passports’ scheme since it began in 2014.

It requires applicants to hand €650,000 (£563,000) to a national development fund and invest €150,000 (£130,000) in government stocks or bonds.

They must also buy a property worth at least €350,000 (£303,000) in Malta, although they are not required to live there.

Malta is effectively deciding UK immigration policy

Andrew Rosindell

Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, who sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee, said the programme proves the UK must “urgently” put an end to free movement.

The outspoken Eurosceptic said: “Malta is effectively deciding UK immigration policy.

“Clearly, there are going to be security concerns in terms of criminality, in terms of people coming in who perhaps are not desirable in our own country.”

Andrew RosindellREX

MP Andrew Rosindell said the UK must ‘urgently’ put an end to free movement

A spokesman for Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat dismissed the concerns, saying 25 per cent of applications under the scheme are rejected.

He added: “The people going through the programme have to go through a very strong and thorough due diligence process.

“We’ve always looked to get the quality persons.”

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Theresa May is under pressure to tackle migration once Britain quits the EU

But Maltese shadow justice minister Jason Azzopardi attacked the government for only publishing the first names of successful applicants.

He told Politico: “We have no idea about the names or who the hell they are. There’s no way of knowing.”

A European Commission spokesman said it monitors the scheme to ensure there is a “genuine link” between the investors and Malta.

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