Are you listening, Mrs May? TWO THIRDS of Brits want to cut influx of low-skilled migrants

ALMOST two thirds of people in the UK want a reduction of the number of low-skilled migrants entering the country following Brexit, according to a poll.

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A new poll shows that almost two thirds of Brits want a cut in the number of low-skilled migrants

Sixty two per cent of those questioned want to see fewer in that group given permission to stay, though just 12 per cent want to see the number of high-skilled migrants reduced.
The survey found that overall more than eight out of 10 people think EU citizens already living in the UK should be able to stay, including three quarters of Leave voters and supporters.

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Eight out of 10 think EU citizens already living in the UK should be allowed to stay

Some MPs last night cited the results as evidence of support for an Australian-style points-based immigration system.UK Independence Party MP Douglas Carswell said: “These poll numbers show what a fair-minded country we are.

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Douglas Carswell said the numbers show what a ‘fair-minded’ country we are

“People accept that if someone from the EU moved here in good faith and legally, they should have the same rights as anyone else and that if people have high skills, that we should welcome them.”British Future, the thinktank that commissioned the ICM survey, said the poll confirmed most people in post-referendum Britain are part of an “anxious middle” – they are concerned about the pressures of immigration but also accept the benefits that migrants bring to the economy and the wider society.

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David Dineley

There is something not quite right with Douglas Carswell, as a UKIP MP.

linda hawley
linda hawley

stopbringing scum here we have enough of our own

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