Rees-Mogg blasts civil servants for damaging Britain by ‘REFUSING to accept’ Brexit

CIVIL servants are damaging Britain’s future by “talking down the nation” a Tory eurosceptic MP has claimed.

Rees-Mogg says Government staff must stop talking down Britain

GETTY     Jacob Rees-Mogg says Government staff must stop talking down Britain

Britain’s break from the Union is being almost completely rejected by some Government employees, Jacob Rees-Mogg said.The MP for North East Somerset has warned while Britain faces uncertain times, those who march against the tide are not helping their nation keep it’s global reputation.

He said: “Some are talking down the nation.

“That is unhelpful but in the long run it will marginalise those who cannot accept the people’s will.”

Tory Mr Rees-Mogg blamed civil servants for having such “emotional ties” to the union and being unable to accept the referendum result of June 23.Mr Rees-Mogg, an outspoken Tory backbencher who famously described David Cameron’s EU renegotiation deal as “very thin gruel”, said only by leaving the sclerotic club can people’s “vote change the Government and change the law”.

Rees-Mogg called the 28-nation bloc a “bureaucratic run-by-the-Commission inefficient failed state of Europe or is it a democratic free United Kingdom” ahead of the vote.But since Britain decide to come out of the Union, thousands have marched agains the decision, calling themselves “the 48” – meaning the 48 per cent which opted to stay in.

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