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Sarkozy launches scathing attack on immigration and EU’s rules

The politician was speaking ahead of next year’s presidential election where he said the problem had to be tackled. 

The former president said: “My aim is to bring back authority and defend the French Republic.” 

Mr Sarkozy said that the current situation in France was “deeply grave” and that his country needed someone experienced, energetic, determined, and with authority to help it get back on its feet.

Mr Sarkozy, whose decision to run in next year’s presidential election was announced on Monday, is known for his unyielding stance on immigration, and has made his intention to stop the tide coming into France very clear.

”We need to use our common sense and interpret the rules in light of the current migrant crisis. 

“Family reunification was established back in 1976, at a time when there was little unemployment and people had no difficulty integrating into society. “Things have changed. France must suspend this right until the EU comes up with a solid immigration policy for all member states, and does more to protect its border.” 

The Republic, he said, must be more demanding when dealing with migrants who come to France in a bid to be granted French citizenship, which allows them to claim state benefits.


He said: “A foreigner should only have access to social benefits after he has lived in the country for more than five years. 

“And it should take 10, not five years to become a naturalised French citizen.”

Moreover, being French means having a “language, a history, and a way of life in common,” said Mr Sarkozy.

Calais Jungle

He added: “School children need to learn how to speak French first, other languages can come after.” 

If a foreigner does not integrate himself into society, he will not be granted French citizenship, he warned: “People cannot say ‘I want to be French, but in my own way’.” 

The former head of state reiterated his intention to revoke birthright citizenship if a person born in France to foreign parents has a criminal record by the age of 18, and if his parents were illegal immigrants at the time of his birth.


The presidential candidate also commented on the burkini debate, which has come under intense scrutiny of late: “Wearing a burkini is a radical, political gesture, a provocation. 

“The women who are choosing to wear it are testing the resilience of the Republic.” 

Doing nothing about the burkini would make France look “weak,” he said.

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It all really goes back to the invasion of Iraq, and the idiotic notion that we could introduce ‘democracy’ to these way-back warring tribes. Without modern arms and technology the harm they could do to each other was relatively limited, but now they have the lot, and can kill each other in hundreds of thousands.Regarding Sarkozy’s views, it’s a pity the european liberal establishment did not take this line ten years ago, and many are still in denial and in favour of ‘diversity’.


“”We need to use our common sense and interpret the rules in light of the current migrant crisis. ”

It is a shame that he did not use his common sense before. It was he, together with Cameron that started the whole sorry mess with his invasion of Libya and the ‘Arab Spring’ nonsense that started the foment in the Middle East and Levant.

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