Brussels bureaucrats are making the migrant crisis WORSE, says foreign minister

THE European Union has made the migrant crisis worse, according to the Polish foreign minister.

EU flag and migrant camp

GETTY   The EU has made the migrant crisis worse, according to Witold Waszczykowski

Witold Waszczykowski said the European Commission took “hasty, irresponsible and not-fully thought through steps” in response to the mass influx of migrants from across Iraq, Syria and other war-torn nations.His damning criticism of the Brussels bloc comes just a day after Germany, Poland and France agreed to bridge their differences over migration and other issues.

The three nations are due to show their support for the Brussels bloc by reinvigorating the Weimar Triangle, a trilateral group founded after the end of the Cold War.The group is meant to promote co-operation between the three nations.

Mr Waszczykowski has been damning in his criticism of the EU, blaming Brussels for Britain’s vote to leave.

Witold Waszczykowski

GETTY    Witold Waszczykowski singled out the European Commission in his attack

Following Brexit, he said: “We think that today the European institutions should start to admit they made a mistake.”There is this atmosphere that has been expressed by the British society, that the call of, for example, Mr Juncker from a few months ago for politicians to break away from their electorates and to take care of the European concept, has been rejected.”

The Polish minister has also criticised other EU countries for not securing their own external borders, and said such practices have not been allowed for many years.

Migrant camp in Calais

GETTY     The migrant camp in Calais has become a symbol of the crisis

He said: “We are now discovering with surprise that there are double standards in the European migration policy.”Poland has been criticised by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but deputy foreign minister Konrad Szymanski said his party were in line with public opinion.

Symanski said: “I believe it is harmful to Europe and is already bringing far-reaching opposition.”

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