No delays! Iain Duncan Smith calls for Article 50 and says UK does not need single market

BREXITEER and former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has said Britain would be better off without the single market.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the Chingford and Woodford MP said he refused to be downbeat about leaving the European Union, with EU members “desperate” to sort out trade relationships with Britain.

“My personal view is we should not seek to remain a member of the customs union, nor necessarily remain a full member of the single market because that would entail putting yourself yet again under the rule of European law,” he told host John Humphrys.

“And that was one of the key areas that the British public voted for in the process of ‘take back control’ – of your borders, your law – those things are really critical I think.”

Iain Duncan SmithGETTY

Brexit campaigner Iain Duncan Smith

If you continue to say ‘we’ll wait, we’ll wait’ all that happens is the discussions don’t have any focus to them

MP Iain Duncan Smith

The former work and pensions minister said the UK would be fine trading under World Trade Organisation (WTO) regulations.

WTO rules would involve no freedom of movement requirements and no obligation to EU laws, although traded goods would be required to meet standards.

It would also involve tariffs on certain products and could restrict elements of the financial service industry.

“We would like to have, and I think it would be in the interest of the European Union even more than it might be for the UK, to maintain a trading relationship with the UK,” Mr Duncan Smith said.

“But of course, bear in mind that we will anyway have access to the marketplace under WTO rules so the question really is, do we want more preferential arrangements than that?”

Mr Duncan Smith rejected suggestions that there should be a delay in invoking Article 50 to allow more time to negotiate trade deals with other countries.

“I don’t hold with that,” he said. “All my experience when I was in industry and experience in watching how these things take place, you need to get on with the process because nothing focuses the mind than the idea that something is going to happen.

“If you continue to say ‘we’ll wait, we’ll wait’ all that happens is the discussions don’t have any focus to them.”

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We do not need to be in the single market. China, India, USA export massively into the EU without any of its conditions or financial demands. Why can’t we do the same?


Yes, why do we need the single market? China, India, USA all export to EU without giving it money, accepting freedom of movement, or all their regulations, although imports must meet any country’s regulations as ever.

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