Tory MP calls for Theresa May to ‘sort out’ civil servants with ‘Euro-itus’

A SENIOR Tory MP has called for Theresa May and her cabinet to get Brexit-sceptic civil servants into line.

Nigel Evans, MP for Ribble Valley, said Mrs May must sort out the civil servants with a case of “Euro-itus” as she .

Mrs May and the cabinet met for the first time since their summer recess with Brexit seemingly high on ther agenda.

Mrs May wasted no time in reminding her colleagues that “Brexit means Brexit”, as she told them the UK cannot remain in the EU “through the back door”.

Speaking on talkRADIO, Mr Evans blasted unelected civil servants who still voiced desires to Remain and called for ministers to “sort them out”.

Nigel Evans and Theresa MayGETTY

Tory MP Nigel Evans called for Theresa May to get pro-EU civil servants in line

All of the civil servants have got to realise that we’re leaving the European Union

Nigel Evans

He said: “I think one of the things that Theresa will be able to say to her Cabinet ministers is, ‘have a look at your civil servants, have a chat with them and tell me have they got a dose of Euro-itus’.

“If they have you’ve got to sort them out, because all of the civil servants have got to realise that we’re leaving the European Union.

“We appreciate how some of them are saying how ghastly it will be and how awful the process of leaving will be but if Theresa May, who was the reluctant Remainer, has basically said, ‘Brexit means Brexit, we’re going to make a success of it,’ then the civil service better hear that.

“And they better hear it from their cabinet ministers and I think that this cabinet meeting is going to give them an opportunity to tell Theresa, ‘listen, our people will be onside and we will be giving them orders as far as looking for the potential that is concerned’.”

Theresa May meets her cabinetGETTY

Theresa May met with her Cabinet to discuss Brexit for the first time since the summer recess

Theresa MayGETTY

The PM said she would stop attempts to block Brexit “through the back door”

, Mrs May spoke about the need for her Government to create opportunities for post-Brexit Britain.

It also became apparent the new PM would not seek parliament’s approval before formally triggering Article 50, which starts a two-year period of formal exit talks between the UK and EU.

She said: “We have the opportunity to forge a new positive role for the UK in the world, to make sure that we are that Government and country that works for everyone – that everyone can share in the country’s prosperity.

“So there are challenges ahead but it’s an important and significant moment for us and I think we have real opportunities to develop the United Kingdom and ensure that it does work for everyone in the UK.”

Mrs May also used the meeting to compare Tory party unity with the turmoil within the Labour Party, despite reports of an ongoing feud between the ministers in charge of the main Brexit departments: Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and Davis Davis.

The meeting prompted criticism from the SNP, who used it to accuse of Mrs May and her government of showing “breathtaking complacency”.

The party’s European affairs spokesman Stephen Gethins said: “It is over two months since the result of the Brexit referendum and ministers are only now being asked to come up with their ideas about how it might work at a ‘country house away day’.

“This is breathtaking complacency from a government that got us all into this mess in the first place.”

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This really shows the power of the Civil Service. This is the Civil Service’s paper attempting to tell Edward Heath the dangers involved in entering EEC while at the same time advising him and exploring the best ways for him to accomplish this while at the same time covering his back Scroll down to Brooker’s analysis. He explains each section in laymans terms pointing out the salient facts. Actual words from the paper in Italics An even more serious betrayal than Lord Kilmuir’s letter because it oozes the complicity and duplicity of the Civil Service in this deception. Loading...

brexit4me Definitely worth a look with little traffic lights to indicate good/not so good/bad
Pro EU WEB SITE to show British Influence & power within the EU. Pages 29 to 37 are most interesting. They include economic affairs, eu budget, Financial Transaction Tax, CETA & TTIP, monetary union, banking union. The most significant observation of this document is their failure to heed the warnings published in it. Talk about heads in the sand. Yes some of the measures appear to be advantageous but only at astronomical risk does anyone agree.

Margaret Robinson
Margaret Robinson

This is a serious issue.The Civil Service’s analysis given to ministers, inexperienced in that particular department,can easily be skewed to fit their views and influence ministers. Implementation of new Eu rules, by the CS have in the past had serious consequences in the UK. For example the CS gold plated many new EU rules/directives by enhancing their strength and detail. This often made them more difficult and expensive to apply causing even more problems for business and consumer. They were an indirect consequence of many jobs lost including 3/4 of abattoirs being closed down in the UK. They were interrupted… Read more »


Of course civil servants are anti. Without all those directives to gold-plate and enforce, there can be job savings all down the line from London to local authority jobsworths, amongst other including ‘elf’n’safety, the ridiculous recycling regulations imposed by the EU and largely ignored by other countries (and have you noticed that the worst enforcers are mostly Labour councils?)

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