Editorial – Merkel has got it entirely wrong about immigration.


Most thinking People in Europe by now will tell you that Merkel’s ruinous programme was never intended to be an ‘Humanitarian’ programme.  It was a deliberate attempt to use Social Engineering to permanently alter the demographics of Europe and thereby diminish any form of cultural identity to Europe’s individual Nation States and thereby ease the intended transition into a single pan-European State of ‘Europa’.

Merkel is far from stupid, in her former life she was a Research Scientist with a Doctorate in Physical Chemistry.  Yet she would have us all believe that by inviting all the World’s poor and afflicted to Europe she would help them and at the same time alleviate the problem of Germany’s low birth rate being unable to cope with a rapidly ageing population that would require funding in later years.  Somehow, she has persuaded many of the People in Germany, not to mention across the whole of Europe that mass migration will fill the hole in German demographics that will pay for the cost of pensions and welfare of its rapidly ageing population.

This theory falls down in two ways.  First of all, the vast majority of these migrants are unskilled and even if it is managed that these migrants will be relatively ‘cost neutral’ in terms of taxation/benefits, they will do little to improve the overall wealth of the Country and the cost to the social infrastructure is already becoming unbearable.  Unless, as suspected by many, the intention is to diminish the standard of living of ALL including the indigenous population to a much lower cost to the ‘State’.  To do otherwise would negate the other reason why mass immigration cannot alleviate the problem of ageing, THAT ALL OF THESE MIGRANTS TOO WILL GROW OLD AT THE SAME RATE which not only brings the original problem back to ‘square one’, it considerably exacerbates the problem by making it problem on a much larger scale in terms of overcrowding and the massive upheaval to social cohesion.  The only way that a population can grow to the benefit of the Nation is for the birth rate to increase in proportion slowly to allow the upcoming generation enough time to be educated whilst supported by the productive generations.  Continued mass immigration will not allow this to happen because the existing wealth earning part of the population will not be able to afford the additional burden.  Neither will the migrant’s families be able to replace the ageing population to the same standard as before because the massive increase in population before the infrastructure is in place will condemn them to relative poverty and with it the lack of educational resources needed.

Now we come to those deluded people that believe that Europe has a duty to help the World’s poor and are happy for Europe’s demographics to be transformed into a massive ‘melting pot’ of ‘diversity’ for the sake of Humanity.  The reality is so far from the truth as to be completely laughable if it was not so tragic.  The fact remains that Europe as a whole has a finite land mass much of which is unsuitable for the growing of food to sustain a massively increasing population, Even if it were so, much of the landmass would be required for industry to support the cost.  There simply is not enough room even if there was a will to completely and irrevocably change the way of life for the indigenous population that has been built up over many centuries.

The following video amply illustrates why it is impossible to alleviate the problems of the Worlds poor by allowing massive immigration.  The video pertains to the United States but is equally relevant to every other technologically advanced Society:

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