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Angela Merkel faces being booted OUT if she refuses demand for migrant cap and burka ban

GERMANY’S Angela Merkel could be forced to bring in a 200,000 migration cap and burka ban under legally-binding plans to end her controversial “open borders” policy.

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Angela Merkel faces being ousted if she doesn’t introduce a migrant cap and burqa ban
The Chancellor faces being ousted from power if she refuses to accept the radical proposals drawn up by some of her most important political allies.More than one million newcomers have entered Germany in the last year as desperate refugees flee war-torn Syria for safety in Western Europe.

The number of a maximum 200,000 new refugees per year is the upper limit for successful integration and must be written into law

But the Christian Social Union, conservative alliance partners of her Christian Democratic Union, insist she must accept their planned cuts.The Bavaria-based CSU have threatened to withdraw their support in parliament if the under-pressure Chancellor rejects the tougher line.

CSU officials have outlined their ideas in an internal policy document which argues that “Germany must remain Germany”.

As well as the limit on new entrants and the veil ban, the five-page paper demands the abolition of dual citizenship.

“The number of a maximum 200,000 new refugees per year is the upper limit for successful integration and must be written into law,” it says.“Whoever doesn’t wish to do without a burqa or a niqab should look for a different country.”

Angela Merkel faces ousting GETTY

The CSU has said it will withdraw support if Merkel rejects the tougher lines

Mrs Merkel depends on the CSU support because the two conservative parties form a parliamentary bloc and agree on a joint candidate for the chancellorship.Leader Horst Seehofer has not yet endorsed her for next year’s Federal elections and speculation has arisen around her re-selection because of waning popularity.

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Leader Horst Seehofer has not yet endorsed Merkel for next year’s Federal elections

Last weekend, the CDU were pushed into third place in elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Eastern Germany, by the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany.But Katarina Barley, general secretary of the Social Democrats, junior partner in Merkel’s coalition, said the CSU paper was aimed at “sabotaging” the government.

Katarina Barley GETTY

Katarina Barley said the CSU was aimed at ‘sabotaging’ the government

She added: “This is another open attack on Angela Merkel – I expect the conservatives to continue to govern with us constructively.”Although the number of refugees entering Germany has fallen sharply due to tighter controls, the number resident stands at 1.38million.

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