Vote Leave is BACK: Leading Brexiteers club together to stop May from backsliding on EU

LEADING Brexiteers are set to effectively resurrect the defunct Vote Leave campaign to prevent Theresa May from backsliding on leaving the European Union.


Gisela Stuart will chair a new Brexit pressure group

Key figures from the push to get Britain out of Brussels are forming a new pressure group to ensure the new PM sticks to the referendum result on key issues like migration.The new campaign, which will be called Change Britain, will be headed up by Labour MP Gisela Stuart who lit up the EU referendum debate with her sparkling performances, according to Politico.
Senior sources within Westminster told the website that new Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was also keen to be involved in the project, although his Government position could prevent active participation.The new group could also provide a way back in from the political cold for former Justice Secretary Michael Gove, who spectacularly fell from grace after knifing Mr Johnson in the Tory leadership race.


Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is believed to be keen to take part in the group

Theresa MayGETTY

It is an effective resurrection of Vote Leave, and is designed to keep an eye on Theresa May

Mr Gove’s close ally Paul Stephenson, who was an influential figure in the Vote Leave campaign, has been instrumental in helping to set up the group, according to senior sources.The fact that Ms Stuart, who emerged as a break-out star of the Vote Leave campaign, is chairing the new project demonstrates a will to keep the cross-party consensus built up by the Brexit campaign intact.A unified pressure group will make it much more difficult for Mrs May, who backed Remain during the referendum, to attempt to quietly row back on the clear instruction given to her by the British people.Mrs May has already ruled out the introduction of a points based migration system – one of the key campaign pledges of Vote Leave – and there are fears she will attempt to water down the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU.

One figure involved in the campaign told Polito that the group was designed to resurrect the cross-party campaigning of the referendum to ensure that Mrs May “gets the best deal for Britain.”The group’s formation comes amid the first signs of splits within the new Prime Minister’s Cabinet over how best to implement the monumental task of extracting Britain from the EU.Downing Street moved quickly this week to slap down Brexit Secretary David Davis after he gave an interview claiming that Britain would have to leave the EU single market to regain control over migration.
Shortly after his intervention, Mrs May’s spokesman effectively ruled out the implementation of a points based immigration system.Elsewhere Chancellor Philip Hammond – a close ally of the PM – told the House of Lords that free movement could continue for highly skilled workers in the financial services sector.Accommodating access to EU workers is seen as a key demand of the City of London, which is already fending off attempts by rivals in Paris and Frankfurt to draw business away to the continent.

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