Number of migrants arriving on European soil SURGES past 2015 total… and more are coming

THE number of migrants arriving on European soil has smashed last year’s total with months left to spare.


GETTY     More than 124,000 migrants have landed in Italy so far this year

A total of 124,500 migrants have arrived in Italy alone since the start of 2016, the country’s home office has said.This has surged past the figure for last year – which was a massive 122,000.

The number of migrants landing in Italy, many of whom arrive across the Mediterranean in boats, shows no signs of stopping following the rescue of thousands of migrants over the weekend.


GETTY      Italian coastguards rescued more than 3,500 migrants from the med this weekend

Coastguards plucked 1,100 migrants from the sea off the coast of Libya yesterday from eight overloaded dinghies and two fishing boats.And on Saturday, another 2,300 were saved from the terror trip across the Med after attempting to make the journey in 18 boats.

The migrants were picked up by Italian coastguards along with a British and an Irish warship.

Italy now has 155,000 migrants in reception centres, compared with 103,000 in 2015 and 66,000 in 2014.
Italy has bore the brunt of the crisis, with the island of Lampedusa becoming almost entirely populated by migrants.A total of 400,000 have successfully made the crossing – most coming from sub-saharan Africa.

Angelino Alfano

GETTY    Italy’s home secretary Angelino Alfano branded the European Union’s relocation scheme a ‘flop’

Last month, an Italian minister called for other EU countries to share the load.In response to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s announcement of new “relocation” scheme to accept migrants in Italy to Germany, Home secretary Angelino Alfano said: “Up until now, the relocation has been a real flop.

“But today we have heard that from September hundreds of refugees will be able to go each month to Germany.”If things go well with Germany, we think they will also go well with other countries.”

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