STURGEON SLAPDOWN: Union chiefs say Brexit Britain better for workers than Scotland split

UNION bosses have hit back at independence-hunting Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon by warning workers are better of in a post-Brexit Union than in an independent Scotland.


Nicola Sturgeon has been left embarrassed after union chiefs slammed independence plans

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said workers are better off in the Union as independence could lead to lower wages in both England and Scotland.

She added “unity” is vital for working people in Britain.

Frances O'GradyGETTY

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady made the comments at the union’s conference in Brighton

It is high time we had a Scottish Government that acted for all of us, not just its own narrow interests

Ruth Davidson

Ms O’Grady told the Union’s conference: “Independence is a matter for the Scottish people.

“But I have always been clear that from a working peoples’ point of view that unity is vital.

“What I don’t want to see is different minimum wages in different parts… We want to retain a national minimum wage and a national living wage and on that Scotland agrees.”

Ms Sturgeon has vowed to push through with a second independence referendum following the June 23 decision to split with the European Union.

But the SNP leader has faced a backlash over the plans.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson called on the First Minister to “put stability first instead of threatening yet another referendum”.

She added: “The SNP has a choice – to be Scotland’s builders or Scotland’s wreckers. To look to the future, or to take us back to the battles of the past.

“It is high time we had a Scottish Government that acted for all of us, not just its own narrow interests.

Ruth DavidsonGETTY

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson called on Ms Sturgeon to ‘put stability first’

“Last week, the cost of independence was made clear once again. Yet despite all that, the Nationalists are threatening to kick-start their campaign for separation.

“It’s not only unwanted – it also flies in the face of promises made by Nicola Sturgeon in April’s election campaign when she said she’d only back a referendum if there was evidence people wanted it.”

Opinion polls have revealed a majority of Scots are opposed to another referendum after the 2014 vote – which saw 55 per cent of Scots vote No to independence.

Now, Just 37 per cent of Scots want another independence referendum before the UK leaves the EU, and a majority would vote No if one was held.

But Mrs Sturgeon claimed a split from the UK is the “best or only way to protect Scotland’s interests”.

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