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‘Take back your criminals or lose foreign aid’ Top Tory warns

FOREIGN aid may be denied to countries who refuse to take back convicted criminals released from UK jails, a top Tory has warned.


Countries who refuse to take back criminals may lose foreign aid

The idea has been floated by the Department for International Development under its newly appointed leader Priti Patel, who was brought in by Theresa May to oversee how Britain spends its £12billion foreign aid budget.

Countries such as Jamaica and Pakistan have controversially refused in the past to accept back offenders released from British jails.


There are 13,000 foreign criminals awaiting deportation, according to estimates

In the Commons today, former foreign minister and Brexit campaigner Dominic Raab, called for aid to be denied to countries “refusing point-blank to accept foreign national offenders deported from the UK”.

James Wharton, Priti Patel’s deputy responded, stating that it was “important” Britain addresses this issue.

Figures released earlier this year estimate there are currently 13,000 foreign criminals awaiting deportation from the UK, a figure said to include hundreds of Jamaican and Nigerians.

Mr Wharton, who is MP for Stockton South, said: “We want to ensure that every penny we spend is spent wisely.”

Priti PatelGETTY

Priti Patel is carrying out an overhaul of the way that foreign aid is spent

Mr Wharton’s comments came shortly after Mrs Patel revealed her plans for a rigorous overhaul of the way the UK’s foreign aid budget is spent.

In a damning review of the way foreign aid has been spent in the past, Mrs Patel claimed taxpayers have every right to be infuriated by the way foreign aid, which makes up 0.7 per cent of our national income, has been “stolen of wasted on inappropriate projects”.

The 44-year-old politician, who is MP for Witham in Essex, insisted poorer countries should no longer be treated as “passive recipients of our support”.

Mrs Patel said it was important foreign aid is spent on improving conditions in poorer countries so that migrants are not tempted to come to the UK.

She added: “I want to use our aid budget to directly address the great global challenges that affect the UK – like creating jobs in poorer countries so as to reduce the pressure for mass migration to Europe.”

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