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How far will the EU Politicians allow the situation with lawless migrants go before they begin to protect the indigenous population?


Article 2 of the Geneva Convention and Protocol on the Status of Refugees:1951 reads as follows:


general obligations

Every refugee has duties to the country in which he finds himself, which require in particular that he conform to its laws and regulations as well as to measures taken for the maintenance of public order.

This sounds simple enough;  if a person comes to another country to seek sanctuary from oppression in their own country, then they are duty bound to fully accept and comply with the laws of their host country and be bound with all forms of public order measures.

britain-695974The migrants come here with all sorts of impressions that if they get to Europe, their life will become ‘all milk and honey’.  Unfortunately, they find that it is not a place where the streets are paved with gold and they become angry.  Such is their disappointment, that they feel cheated.  Not by the traffickers that persuaded them with their lies to come to Europe, but the Europeans themselves.  ‘How dare the Europeans not live up to our expectations’.  So, they turn their anger on the host Nation.

All across Europe where there are large scale numbers of migrants, large groups of them congregate and set out to intimidate and cause violence in many cases to the indigenous population and, especially, women and girls for which they have no regard as to equality.  They simply cannot understand that the West holds women as equals.  It is not in their nature or culture. But it is not just females, many have indulged themselves in homosexual rape because they have only regard for their own overblown sexual appetites and care nothing for their victims.  Their whole concept of culture is entirely alien to that of the West.  And yet, they have been, and continue to be welcomed into Europe.

Merkel, unilaterally invited a horde of migrants into Europe.  Ostensibly to account for the shortfall in German birthrate but this cannot be so because to invite massive migration will not balance out the population of a Country simply because Merkel has deliberately ignored the fact that these migrants WILL GROW OLD TOO and require exponentially larger amounts of migration to pay for the much larger ageing population.  In any case, Merkel has no legal right to establish EU policy because she is not part of the EU Government.  She is not even an elected MEP.  The only claim that she can make to legitimacy is with the Council of Ministers which are subordinate to the EU Commission yet she dominates everything to do with the EU.

But, to get back to the point in question.  Every National Government has the primary duty to protect its Citizens.  Unfortunately, the EU is a supra-national Government with no regard for the ballot box.  What is even more unfortunate is that National Politicians have chosen to violate their duty to their own Citizens in favour of a perceived advantage in Membership of the EU and to do the bidding of its unelected Leaders.  They refuse to even accept that their is a problem with migrant lawlessness and conspire to cover it up as though it is just not occuring.

f0bf4d5a-69c3-4195-853e-1bb474dbeb12These ‘Leaders’ are content to lay blame on the rise of ‘Right Wing Extremism’ when they know perfectly well that the majority of objectors are the ordinary, decent, victims of this lawlessness.  They are not only in denial, they positively refuse to do anything to alleviate the situation.  Yes, occasionally, there are reports of one or two migrants being arrested for a more blatant crime but the underlying problem is being completely ignored.

In there naivety, it is only the die-hard rank and file Europhiles that fail to acknowledge that the whole game plan of the Euro Elite is not to alleviate problems of falling birthrate but to flood Europe with totally incompatible cultures to break down National pride and culture in order to facilitate their ultimate goal of a compliant and cheap workforce within a single federal state.  It is difficult for any thinking person not to suspect that the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to completely eradicate any form of European culture is being implemented.  It is certainly nothing to do with any humanitarian purpose because the great majority are not even from the war-torn parts of the Middle East but are from sub-Saharan and the Horn of Africa.

As with the imposition of the ‘Euro’ too soon, the Euro elite have miscalculated.  Monnet recommended a slow, surreptitious movement into the federal state but he had not reckoned with ambitious politicians without the intellect to play the waiting game.  What we have  now is a Europe that is up in arms with Brussels.  This feeling will not die down, it has gone past the point of redemption.  With the possible exception of Merkel, many of the EU Member States are objecting to the pace of change.  Unfortunately, far too many of the EU elite fail to recognise the trouble that they are in.  They are busily trying to accelerate the process of full federalisation without, apparently, recognizing the opposition to it.

There  is already the major threat to the Union of the Southern, ‘Club Med’ members who are in the process of forming a group that are not only opposed to the German imposed ‘austerity programme’ they also represent a ‘blocking’ group under QMV that has the power to stop any EU legislation in its tracks.  Now we have the formation of the ‘Visigard plus’ Group which includes Austria and members of the Eastern European Members who defy Brussels with their determination to prevent further immigration to their countries.  Unfortunately for the Euro Elite, they do not recognise, with one or two exceptions, an existential threat to the whole concept of the EU.

Even should the Eurocrats finally get the message before the whole concept of the EU falls down, Europe is still have the problem the millions of migrants that have already arrived here.  The majority of which, will never integrate and will change the culture of Europe forever.

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