Theresa May must stop her dithering and initiate Britain’s secession NOW.



It is patently obvious by the appointment of Guy Verhofstadt as the EU Lead ‘Negotiator’ that Brussels believes that they can brow beat Britain into staying in the EU by making terms so onerous, that they believe that Britain will capitulate and stay in the EU. This may be a further excuse for May to delay the secession but the British People will just not stand for it.

Britain’s membership of the EU treaties are illegal under International Law. See theunituk article <Click here> The Government is certainly aware of this but chooses to ignore the issue in the hope that it will go away. It will not. Especially so if sufficient numbers of people sign the petition mentioned in the article to force the Government to acknowledge it.

The other alternatives for the Government is either to repeal the European Communities Act:1972 which will give Britain an immediate return to full sovereignty or May must trigger the Article 50 procedure without delay.

Theresa May declares that the first alternative of repealing the ‘Act’ would not be legal under EU rules

Theresa May declares that the first alternative of repealing the ‘Act’ would not be legal under EU rules but, should the Government acknowledge the illegality of the EU treaties, then the ‘Act’ would need to be repealed immediately anyway as then, LEGALLY, we would no longer be in the EU.

In the event that she chooses to ignore this illegality, then she MUST initiate Article 50 without delay. There are two reasons apart from the desire of the majority to get things moving: the first is that the legal challenges being made in the High Court, though likely to fail, may not and so the declaration to initiate Article 50 must occur before October, 2016 to preempt any judgement and therefore constitute a ‘fait accompli’. The second, and much more pressing argument is that if we are forced by the Government to stay with the Article 50 route, then MAY HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO DO IT BEFORE THE 31st March 2017.

There has been for some time a majority in the EU Parliament for members of the ‘Eurozone’. Of recent times, the EU has taken over many ‘Competences’ under Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) one of which is ‘Treaties’ which gives the EU the right to vote on any treaty issue under QMV without a member state having a veto.

As a concession mainly to Poland, the EU had (before the referendum) given a moratorium on QMV voting on ‘Treaties’ until the 1st April, 2017. After that date, should the EU decide that Britain’s right to Brexit should be decided by QMV, then it would require Britain to somehow find at least 14 other Member States to cause Brexit to stand. It is highly likely that Britain will NOT be allowed to leave the EU.

There has already been a Petition that has achieved much more than the required 100,000 votes (currently 122,822) to ‘invoke Article 50 immediately’and has been scheduled for the 17th October to be discussed in Parliament See theunituk article of 8th August <Click here>  The Government response to the petition reads:
“The British people have voted to leave the EU and their will must be respected and delivered. The process for leaving the EU and determining our future relationship will be a complex one, so we need to take time to think through our objectives and approach. We want to ensure the best possible outcome for Britain and the future UK-EU relationship. As part of this, the government will of course work closely with the devolved administrations to ensure we get the best deal for the UK as a whole. We should not trigger Article 50 until we have a UK approach and objectives, so Article 50 should not be invoked before the end of this year.” – Department for Exiting the European Union

It is obvious from the wording that there is no great desire to get on with it despite knowing that any ‘negotiations’ will be pointless with Verhofstadt in charge for the EU and that Article 50 itself precludes Britain from being present at the negotiations.  On top of which, the EU has been threatening Britain for some time not to make any negotiations with the rest of the World until secession has been completed.  It is obvious that the EU wish to leave Britain ‘up the creek without a paddle’ with regard to trade at the end of the 2 year article 50 period.  We cannot allow that to happen.

The People of Britain must do all they can to persuade the Government to abandon the Article 50 route and get on with negotiating our deals with the rest of the World.  Britain DOES NOT NEED a trade agreement with the EU, in fact, we would be far better off without one as then we would not be subject to any EU regulations other than those normal trade specifications as is required of all other countries that trade with the EU.  It is entirely unlikely that Verhofstadt will give us a favourable deal at the end of the two year period in any case.  But, in the mean time, having left the EU, we could be making trade deals with the individual countries within the EU and with the outside World..  Even if we are forced into a tariff situation initially, it would under WTO rules be only as much as 4% which is considerably less costly than the monies that we already send to the EU to be wasted.  It is highly unlikely that the German Automobile manufacturers will allow the EU to impose a 10% tariff on British made cars because that would be reciprocated by Britain as would it be to French Agricultural producers.

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