A simple quiz.

Shewn below are a number of recent photographs.  All you have to do is select where each photograph was taken.   Answers are given below.


A.  Henley on Thames.

B.   Boston, Massachusetts

C.    Cambridge.


A.    London

B.     Paris

C.      Manchester


A.    Boston, Massachusetts

B.     Liege, Belgium

C.     Normandy, France.


A.     London

B.     Tenerife

C.      Manchester


A.    Blackpool

B.     Benidorm

C.     Ibiza


A.    Naples

B.     Marrakesh

C.     Madrid


None of the above, all of the photographs were taken recently in Damascus, the Capital of Syria.  Yet each of the pictures could equally be set in the locations given above and there are many more similar pictures to these available on the internet.

There seems to be little resemblance to the war-torn pictures of humanity from Syria that we have all become used to.  There are many of those scenes in Damascus too but the City is mainly protected by the bulk of Assad’s Army.  However, it begs the question;  if these people can have a relatively safe and peaceful life, why is it that millions are displaced out of Syria instead of being brought to the relative safety in the South Western corner of Syria?

A visit to the hotel booking site: will show pages of holidays in Syria with most of the hotels, according to the website, with only one or two rooms left available for packages costing up to £900 per week.

It occurs to me that Europe and the UN have got their humanitarian policy completely wrong.  Instead of encouraging mass exodus from the Country by distributing the refugees all over the Globe, they should be moving those refugees down to where the fighting is less fierce, such as around Damascus, then use its considerable combined forces to protect those people as they did in Kosovo and elsewhere.  Surely even Putin could not object to that?

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