‘At your peril’ Peer tells Lords not to meddle with Brexit or face being ABOLISHED

A PROMINENT peer has warned the House of Lords against trying to obstruct Brexit or face being ABOLISHED.

Lord Stoddart PA

Lord Stoddart warned the House of Lords not to meddle over Brexit

Lord Stoddart of Swindon, who sits in the unelected chamber as an Independent Labour peer, has hit out at recent suggestions the House of Lords could attempt to delay or even block Britain’s exit from the EU.The veteran eurosceptic claimed if his fellow peers were to carry through with the “quite outrageous” moves against the historic June 23 vote, they would face calls for Parliament’s upper house to be scrapped.

In an article for the BrexitCentral website, the ex-Labour government whip wrote: “Over the summer silly season, there has been talk from some Members of the House of Lords of a rebellion against the Brexit vote and intimations of deliberate obstruction and/or delays to legislation from the Government.“My own view is that it would be quite outrageous for peers – many of whom are either former EU officials or former MEPs, drawing pensions from Brussels – to try to obstruct Brexit, which is the will of the electorate.

“It would put the Lords on a collision course with the people of this country, which is a position in which they should never be foolish enough to place themselves (ie the Lords vs the people).

“If they were to attempt to do so, I believe the next national referendum should be on whether or not to abolish the House of Lords!”

Lord Stoddart urged his fellow peers to remember the Brexit vote was “the largest vote for anything in the history of our nation” and “messing around with this massive mandate” would be at their “peril”.

He expressed his frustration at having to continually listen to “europhile peers spreading doom and gloom about Brexit”.

It would put the Lords on a collision course with the people of this country

Lord Stoddart

Opinion polls regularly show a majority of the British people are in favour of reforming the House of Lords to make it a mostly-elected upper chamber.In the days after the Brexit vote, Labour peer Baroness King of Bow was branded “patronising” in the House of Lords for suggesting the British public did not know what they were voting for, as she pleaded for a second referendum.

Last month, Conservative peer Baroness Wheatcroft suggested the House of Lords could withhold approval of triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – the legal mechanism for quitting the EU.

Baroness Wheatcroft claimed causing a delay to Article 50 could help encourage support for a referendum re-run.

A fortnight ago, a group of peers insisted Parliament must be allowed a vote on the timing of Article 50 being invoked, as well as having the right to approve any possible Brexit deal between Britain and the EU.

But the Government has denied the Prime Minister needs to seek Parliament’s approval before kickstarting Brexit.

There is already a legal challenge to Theresa May’s belief it is her choice alone when to trigger Article 50, with a High Court case to be heard later this year.

Lord Stoddart sat as a Labour peer in the House of Lords but was expelled from the party’s benches in 2002 after backing a rival party’s candidate in the previous year’s general election.

The peer had done so in protest at the parachuting in of a Tory defector to a safe Labour constituency.He was previously chairman of the anti-Brussels Campaign for an Independent Britain.

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Let them dare try this and they will soon feel the anger of the 17 million who voted ‘out’. They will all lose their £350 a day of taxpayers hard earned.

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