WATCH: Violent migrants storm UK lorries to get to Britain before Wall of Calais goes up

THIS is the terrifying moment more than 300 Jungle migrants turned violent on French roads a day after construction began on the Wall of Calais.

Shocking footage caught the moment French police were forced to fight back hundreds who tried to storm a Calais road.Migrants, desperate to reach the UK, wreaked havoc along the town’s roads yesterday afternoon as they attempted to sneak onto British-bound lorries.

The chaos on the busy French roads unfolded just a day after work began on the £2million wall outside Calais began.

camp in CalaisGETTY

Violence broke out in the so-called ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais

They were forced to deploy tear gas canisters to repel more than 300 migrants, who were seen wandering along roads towards the Calais port.In the video, the migrants can be seen trying to halt lorries in order to sneak onto lorries to reach Britain.

At one point, a migrant climbs out of a lorry heading to Britain after being spotted by police in the port.

migrants with tear gasAP

Riot police disperse migrants with tear gas

£2m wall in the areaGETTY

Work continued on a controversial British taxpayer-funded £2m wall in the area

Police also set up barricades and closed the main ring road next to the camp.A local police source said: “Missiles were thrown at officers, and migrants tried to get out of the camp, and on to nearby roads. Their aim was to stop lorries heading for Britain.”

One police officer suffered an injured shoulder during the violence while one migrant arrested for throwing objects at police officers.

Migrants are turning to increasingly desperate measures to get to Britain before the half-a-mile long 13-ft high Wall of Calais is complete, by the end of this year.

The wall is designed to prevent migrants from accessing trucks making their way to Calais and towards Dover.

However, many lorry drivers have decried the Calais wall as a waste of money.Road Haulage Association spokeswoman Kate Gibbs said: “This is being called the Great Wall of Calais but what good will it do?

“This will be a tiny concrete alleyway that will serve very little purpose and not provide any security.”

There are an estimated 10,000 migrants still living in squadl conditions in the Jungle camp.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced this month that the camp would be shut down “as quickly as possible”.

heading to BritainGETTY

The migrants tried to get into lorries heading to Britain

Earlier this week, right-wing politician Nicolas Sarkozy, who is running for President next year, called for England to deal with the Calais migrants.He said that France should not be “England’s border guards”.

He complained that France was “overwhelmed by migrants” as he announced plans to tear up the deal which sees Britain carry out border checks in Calais.

This would see France sending thousands straight to the south coast of England, effectively transferring the Jungle to England.

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