‘Who does she think she is?’ Furious Brexiteers let rip as Diane Abbott calls them racist

FUMING voters have let rip after Diane Abbott suggested Brexit backers were swayed by racist tendencies.

LBC’s Nick Ferrari, who called the comments “nonsensical”, was swamped with angry callers ready to blast the Shadow Health Secretary.

It comes after the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP told supporters at the Labour Party conference: “The people that complain about the freedom of movement will not be satisfied because what they really want is to see less foreign-looking people on their streets.”

One caller, Margaret, hit back and said Ms Abbott was “sitting up there on what must be the sturdiest of high horses”.

“Who does she think she is? Telling me what I should do,” she said. “I know why I voted, I think this country should rule itself and there are people coming into the country, whether you like it or not, who are dangerous.

Diane AbbottGETTY

Diane Abbott has come under fire for her comments at the Labour conference in Liverpool

I think this country should rule itself and there are people coming into the country, whether you like it or not, who are dangerous

LBC caller Margaret

“They are potential terrorists. Not all the people – we know that – but some of them are and we’re just letting these people in without really checking who they are.”

Another caller, Ashish, called Ms Abbott’s comments about the vote “stupid”.

He said: “A lot of Sikhs and Hindus in my area voted Brexit because they were concerned about immigration – and they’re the sons and daughters of immigrants themselves.

“Just because I’m the son of an immigrant that doesn’t blind me to the fact that a country can only take so many people in numbers – there’s no emotional reason for me not to understand that.”

The show also interviewed Brexiteers in Essex – a Leave stronghold – asking if they were racist. They all insisted they were not.

Ms Abbott has since denied she was calling all 17million Brexit voters racist.

She said: “I know many people I like and respect who voted for Brexit for reasons to do with sovereignty. What I mean is… is that ever since the Brexit vote we have seen a rise in racist attacks.

“Some very horrible attacks and not just on Eastern Europeans but on anybody who is black or brown.

“And this has given rise to fear and concern and we have to be aware of this and we have to say Brexit means a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean giving permission to racially abuse other people.”

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