Migrants COMPLAIN about living in tents – as over worked border police are paid £6 an HOUR

MIGRANTS in Italy have complained about living in tents – while border police say they are living like migrants on just over £6 an hour.

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Migrants in Italy have complained about living in tents

Refugees living in a charity-run former slaughterhouse in Andria, south east Italy, took to the streets this week to deliver a letter complaining about their conditions to the city’s police chief.

The letter detailed all the hardships many of them have faced in their first ten days in Italy.

Most have made the risky journey across the Mediterranean from Africa via Libya but said their lives in Italy are not as they imagined.

They complained about having to live in tents and only being allowed to spend their daily allowance in specific shops.

Migrants also reported delays in documents being issued and said there was a lack of any proper health service.

But Heart of Mercy, the charity running the camp, said there is an emergency medical centre inside the building and a pharmacy.

They said there is a dietician who is in charge of ensuring all meals are balanced and food changes according to what religion the individual migrants are.


Migrants are being housed inside an old slaughterhouse in Andria

Psychologists are on hand for migrants who have just landed, the charity added.

Luigi De Mucci, local commissioner of Silvio Burlesconi’s party, Forza Italia, said migrants are asking for more rights and further protection.

He said: This proves that the speculative and random policies of the Italian government and the technocrats of the EU are making this hosting process the real political and social drama of the twenty-first century.

“In contrast, we need targeted and appropriate strategies that can curb corruption and, at the same time, restore dignity to people.

“Enough speculation, enough talking.”

In northern Italy, less than 10 minutes from France and 30 minutes from Monaco, border police in mafia-run Ventimiglia have complained about their dismal conditions and shocking pay.

Any funds allocated to cleaning up their dilapidated police station are wasted as a diminishing work force is worked to the bone processing migrants’ asylum applications.

Plaster is falling off the walls which are littered with signs of damp and mould while leaky faucets in bathrooms are commonplace.


In Ventimiglia the police station where they process migrants is very dilapidated


Migrants have complained about the conditions

A horrific smell has taken over the station, with years of dirt building up.

Stefano Cavelleri, leader of the central Imperia police union SAP, said: “The maintenance both ordinary and extraordinary has not been done in years.

“Recently we allocated a few thousand euros to clean some rooms, but it will be turn back to usual in no time.

“In some places there was so much dust on the windows that you could not see the light from outside.”

A room used for processing migrants’ identity documents has flea-ridden blankets in it.

And with their former 70 officer-strong unit now down to 47 due to lack of funding, pressurised officers are fed up.

Gianni Tonelli, SAP’s national secretary, added: “We need more because the problem is that men are totally monopolised by the migrant work, so they don’t control the area, where the mafia is present.

“Police officers can’t investigate anymore and they work 11 hours a day, earning seven euros per hour.


Refugees demand borders to be open in protest in Italy

“The police are not the police anymore. We need 45,000 people in the force.

“In addition, about 3,000 officers are totally dedicated to the immigration emergency.

“The Government need to increase those numbers.

“Then they should give the police adequate means and facilities.

“The stability law will be a test to see if security is really a priority or if it has been downgraded to a secondary disaster.”

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