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Outrage as Brexit MP CENSURED by Labour colleagues for ‘sharing a stage with Nigel Farage’

LABOUR PARTY members in London have condemned a Brexit colleague for her actions during the political campaign – including sharing a stage with Nigel Farage.

Kate Hoey and Nigel FarageGetty Images

Kate Hoey censured by her Labour group for Brexit campaign acts like supporting Nigel Farage

Kate Hoey MP has been publicly slated by her OWN party after her campaigning for Britain to exit the European Union.

Ms Hoey has long spoken out against the European Union as an unaccountable organisation of Brussels beauracrats.

The politician stuck true to her belief and campaigned for an exit – something her colleagues have rejected.

Yet, her constituency voted overwhelmingly to remain.

Despite the outcome of Britain voting to leave the EU at the polls on June 23 – Ms Hoey’s colleagues have voted unanimously to censure her for her actions during the campaign.

While political censure is not serious punishment it is a public disproval of the actions of the MP.

Before the shocking decision, Vauxhall Labour gave the reasons as failing to condemn a controversial poster and sharing a stage with Nigel Farage.

A notice tweeted out by Labour Councillor Alex Bigham said Ms Hoey is being censured for reasons including “seemingly enthusiastic support and comradeship she gave Mr Farage during the campaign”.

The poster mentioned was released by the Ukip party, showing images of thousand of migrants entering Europe with the words “Breaking point: The Eu has failed us all”.

Kate Hoey MP campaigned for BrexitGetty Images

Kate Hoey has been criticised publicly for not rejecting a Brexit campaign poster

Ms Hoey was a key national advocate of Labour leave and chose to share a platform with a wide variety of figures from across the political spectrum, most notably Nigel Farage

Vauxhall Labour

Despite a rising feeling of unsafety in the UK and fears over immigration being some of the biggest reasons for voting out given – critics called the poster “racist”.

It stated: “Lambeth returned the highest share of the vote for remain in the British Isles with a staggering 79 per cent of the vote.

“Kate Hoey, MP for Vauxhall, chose, as was her right, to campaign and to vote to leave the EU. Ms Hoey was a key national advocate of Labour leave and chose to share a platform with a wide variety of figures from across the political spectrum, most notably Nigel Farage MEP, the then leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

“Despite the entreaties of a number of Vauxhall Labour Party members, Ms Hoey has repeatedly failed to condemn the offensive and xenophobic poster entitled ‘breaking point’ that was unveiled by Mr Farage on the morning of Jo Cox’s tragic and senseless murder.

“This poster, which made wilful comparison to Nazi propaganda from the nineteen thirties, has been reported to the police for inciting racial hatred.”

Kate Hoey has been censuredGetty Images

Kate Hoey did not change her stance on Brexit for the referendum

It stated: “When speaking in Parliament on 27 June 2016 she failed yet again, to condemn either the poster or the reported rise in racist attacks, instead calling on Prime Minister to condemn people who referred to leave voters as racist.”

The action has been condemned online by supporters of both Ukip and the Labour party.

Clapham Common Conservative Councillor Bernard Gentry wrote on Twitter: “Disgraceful. Need to accept result of referendum.”

He said: “Most Labur Party areas in the country voted Leave. Individuals are entitled to their own opinions.

“Unlike some Tory MPs who fought the 2015 General Election on a Eurosceptic ticket, only to support the Remain campaign in 2016, Kate Hoey never misled anyone as to her beliefs about the EU.

“Whilst the lack of clarity on the poster was, in my opinion, clumsy – the poster itself was not Xenophobic.”

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