‘Theresa May WILL live or die by Brexit – whether she wants to or not’

THERESA May’s premiership will be defined by Brexit – even if she does try to “set the agenda”, a leading author and journalist has claimed.

Theresa May’s premiership will be defined by Brexit

Harry Mount claims Theresa May has even briefed journalists regarding how she wants her reign as Prime Minister to be interpreted.

Mr Mount, who is writing a book on Brexit, said: “I am sure she doesn’t want to be defined by it [Brexit]. In fact she had Patrick McLoughlin today briefing the Evening Standard, saying she wants to be defined by public services and social inequality.

It doesn’t matter how many strategy meetings you have about other narratives, that’s the game

Polly Mackenzie

“But all these Prime Ministers try to set the agenda… she will try to be defined by other things, and I am sure her speech [at the Conservative conference next week] will be full of other things, but that [Brexit] is what people are most concerned about.”

A former adviser to Nick Clegg during the coalition was in agreement with Mr Mount.

Fellow Newsnight guest Polly Mackenzie said: “It doesn’t matter how many strategy meetings you have about other narratives, that’s the game.”

Harry MountBBC

Harry Mount claimed Theresa May is briefing journalists about how she views her leadership

Theresa May will be speaking at the Conservative party conference next week, after facing calls from some backbenchers to outline her plans for Brexit.

The former Home Secretary has also tried to push domestic policy high on the Government’s agenda.

Her plans to establish more grammar schools in Britain has been a topic which has caused much debate, alongside her decision to give the go-ahead to the controversial nuclear power station Hinkley Point.

A former adviser to Gordon Brown turned pollster pointed out the challenges faced by May in the coming weeks.

Deborah Mattinson, head of Britain Thinks, said: “The public’s priorities are quite clear. Number one, the NHS. Number two, immigration. Number three, the economy. All of those things do in one way or another relate to Brexit.

Polly MackenzieBBC

Polly Mackenzie agreed that Brexit would define Theresa May’s time as PM

“The first 100 days in, about three months, is often as good as it gets.

“That’s the moment where people have made their minds up and if you have not won them over by then, you maybe never will.”

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