It is with much regret that I have to announce that this site is closing down.

I have been ill for some time and now find that the effort required to maintain the site and search for articles, etc. to post on this site has become too much for me.

Also, my collaborator, Clive Taylor-Sholl does not want to take on the running of the site.

The Cloud Hosting Provider has been paid up to date and therefore, I shall leave the site running for a couple more weeks but will not be doing any more posting unless something really stupendous occurs.   In the mean time, I have repaired the problem that I had with the ‘Comments’ section on each posting and I have removed the need for moderation and so previously approved commentators may continue to make comments on each post until the site goes down but please keep to the established rules of serious comments that are polite.

I want to thank you all that have contributed to the site and made it a relative success. (According to the site statistics, we have until recently been achieving between 10,000 and 15,000 page views per week.)

Good luck to you all,

Peter Brown.

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Along with the other commentators Peter, I am very sorry to hear of your health problems and wish you a speedy recovery. I am really sad that you cannot continue with this site which I have found to be extremely useful and stimulating. Thank you very much.

Christine kay walker

So sorry to hear about your ill health Peter. Sad the site is being closed down but understand. Thank you for taking the time to keep us up to date with all the information posts. Hope your health improves x

Jane Davies

I commented a few hours ago, not sure why it hasn’t appeared.

So sorry to hear you have a health problem, now I know why I couldn’t post before and my log in was refused. I will miss this blog as the articles were very interesting. I hope you are back in good health soon.


It’s said that people never value something until it’s gone, but that’s untrue-because I’m sure all of us have valued the info that you’ve been sending out. But has it been necessary to send up to five or six some nights? I’m sure we would all value your continuing on a less frequent basis, if that would make life easier.

john bailey

I’m sorry to hear that you are unwell and I wish you a speedy recovery, I used to look forward to your postings

Alan Taylor

Sorry for bad health, but as far as I ever saw, though very interested in the articles, they were just a copy and paster of Daily Express articles.

Jane Davies

Sorry to hear you are not well. I wondered why I could no longer comment or log in. Thanks for all you have done in keeping us informed and I hope your health issue is resolved soon.


Thanks for the service, Pete and I wish you well for the future.

Edith Ricketts

So sad to hear that the site is to close down. It has been an excellent source of information for me as I am fiercely opposed to the EU. I was also sorry to hear of your ill health and hope you get well again soon. Best wishes for the future.

Stephen Tayler

Sorry to hear about you closing the site Peter. I will miss it and you, But I can well understand it as I have been involved in my own sites in the past and I now stick to just static sites

I wish you well and thanks for all your help in the past and research. Which having done some research of my own know how time consuming it can be.

Best Regards


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