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Thanks to all that sent me their good wishes concerning my health on my announcement that I would have to close the site.

Many of you were disappointed, as I am that I could not carry on running the site alone due to my poor health.  Indeed, I have continued to monitor the number of visitors to the site.  Even though I have made only one post since the announcement, there is still continued interest.  We had a regular figure of around 15,000 page views per week and, despite the lack of posting, we are still getting more than 5000.

Apart from my severe breathing problems, I am now being treated for a possible Deep Vein Thrombosis which has caused my right foot and lower leg to swell up and I could not continue spending so much time sitting at the computer as it is not worth losing a leg over.  I was often spending up to 14 hours a day researching information and publishing newspaper articles.

Having said that, it has been suggested to me that perhaps the site could continue if I had some help in collating different articles and doing some of the research. I would be happy to continue the site Admin if there was a group of willing workers to help me by forming a cooperative to provide the information to publish.  It would be done on a democratic basis with us all involved in the decision making on articles that conform to the theme of informing the public of what is going on in the EU and the Government in how it is contributing to Brexit.

If there is enough support, we could continue the site which so many consider to be a valuable resource.

If you are interested in putting a little time into the site on a fairly regular basis, please contact me through my email account:

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You have done well with this Site Peter and I think it is a great achievement that you should be rightly proud of and I hope you can find suitable admin’s. You have found and sourced the true nature of what is going on. Something we can not expect any more from the UK media and indeed European content is to my mind being censured as well. No mater what happens with Brexit the world at the moment is in a bad state and it is a very dangerous place right now. I am not sure how many folk realise… Read more »

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