Remainers, Scots and Lib Dems want Theresa May to have ALL the power to invoke Article 50

A SHOCK new poll shows the vast majority of Scots and Liberal Democrats now want the final decision on invoking Article 50 to belong to Theresa May and not parliament, paving the way for a smooth Brexit.

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New data shows the majority of Lib Dems and Scots want Theresa May to have control over Article 50

Three quarters of MPs voted against Brexit and, with a High Court battle raging as to whether or not the Prime Minister has a legal right to activate Article 50, bitter Remainers are clinging onto the hope that if it was left up to Parliament, Britain’s EU exit could be halted.

But, despite this, 31 per cent of Remainers now want the Article 50 decision to belong solely to Mrs May, as do 47 per cent of Liberal Democrats (compared to 39 per cent) and 46 per cent of Scots (compared to 41 per cent), which would guarantee Britain’s divorce from Brussels, according to a new poll.

Ukip believe the research shows most Britons, regardless of political persuasion, accept that Britain democratically decided to leave the EU and now was Theresa May to get on with it.

“The only people who seem to be really pushing for the parliamentary debate are those with a vested interest.

“It’s the same people who, for decades, have been happy that democratic decisions are not made by British MPs but were handed over to Brussels without so much as a squeak or a fart that are now beating their chests saying Brexit is our MPs’ prerogative.”

He added: “The will of the people has spoken and most people recognise that. That’s right and proper and well done them.”

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54 per cent of all those surveyed want Theresa May to be in charge of Brexit, not parliament

The figures will come as a blow to SNP firebrand Nicola Sturgeon, who is relentlessly campaigning for Scottish independence on the premise that most Scots want to remain in the EU.

But, despite the YouGov results, the SNP are intent on doing whatever it can to keep Scotland in the European Union.

A SNP spokesperson told “The people of Scotland voted by a very large majority to remain in the EU and the prime minister has pledged to listen to that.

“Dragging Scotland out of the EU against its will would – of course – be completely unacceptable.”

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The results will be a body blow for Sturgeon who is campaigning for Scotland to remain in the EU

Lib Dem SNP Remain BrexitGETTY

The YouGov poll shows 31 per cent of Remainers want Brexit to be the PM’s decision

Another shock result from the poll was that the majority of 25-49-year-olds, the age demographic most likely to have voted Remain, are also in favour of Mrs May guiding Britain to a speedy EU exit, with 48 per cent in favour of the Prime Minister having the power compared to 31 per cent against.

Every region in Britain, apart from central London, also declared its support for Mrs May having the sole say on when to initiate Article 50.

He said: “I think most people – Leavers and Remainers – now think we should just get on with it and end the uncertainty surrounding our exit talks.”

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