‘Child’ migrants only challenged on age if they look OVER 25 – official policy

Home Office staff are being told to adopt a “Challenge 25” style policy over young refugees coming to Britain, amid claims hundreds of adult migrants are posing as children to try get into the UK from France.

A young refugee from the Calais Jungle camp arrives in Croydon

With the so-called Jungle camp in Calais set to be demolished, the Government has agreed to accept a number of displaced children left homeless by the closure.

But after the first group of migrants arrived in Britain, speculation grew over the true ages of some of the new arrivals, with some appearing to look significantly older than teenagers.

MP David Davies suggested their ages should be checked using radiographs on their teeth – but the British Dental Association said it was “vigorously opposed” to the method of assessment, labelling such a move inappropriate.

The Home Office also ruled out dental checks as being “too intrusive”, although similar checks are carried out in France and the US.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: “We do not use dental x-rays to confirm the ages of those seeking asylum in the UK. The British Dental Association has described them as inaccurate, inappropriate and unethical.”

Instead, the Home Office has adopted a policy similar to the rules over the selling of alcohol – only challenging those who appear over 25 to prove their actual age.

The new memo comes after Home Office figures revealed almost 5,000 asylum seekers who had arrived in the UK in the past decade claiming to be children were in fact adults.

In that time, there had been 11,121 cases where a refugee’s age had been called into question, and in 4,828 of those the ‘child’ had been found to be an adult.

This week one couple who have years of experience fostering refugees claimed they had encountered several migrant “children” who later turned out to be fully grown adults.

Migrants SWNS

Many have questioned the ages of the children, saying some look considerably older than teenagers

Sarah and Giles, using false names over fears of reprisals, say migrant children who claim to be 15 are actually in their mid-twenties and ask them for razors.

One migrant “child” who claimed to be a teenager reportedly told the pair: “You English are so stupid – I’m in my twenties.”

Sarah told the Daily Mail: “Ruefully, we had to agree with him – it felt like a slap in the face.

“We notified social services, but no action was taken.”

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Absolutely ridiculous, what is wrong with these idiot politicians, we can all tell adults from children except those who are supposed to protect the people. These men must laughing their heads off as they take taxpayers hard earned for doing nothing but cheating the system. No wonder they ditched their passports and any ID they had on them, way way past time politicians grew a backbone.


The legal age of consent in this country is 18 not 25 Should it not be they have to prove they are under the age of consent of the host country. If not bye bye, go back where you came from. This seems obvious to me and surely any thinking person. The planet is doomed as it seems to be controlled by idiots with brains the size of peanuts,

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