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EU’s freedom of movement is disastrous for Lithuania and may see nation exodus, blasts MEP


EUROPE’S freedom of movement policy has created huge problems for countries such as Lithuania, which has lost around ONE THIRD of its population since joining the European Union, MEP Antanas Guoga told

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Antanas Guoga said Lithuania has lost a third of its population since joining the EU

The Baltic country has seen a huge chunk of its population – many of working age – leave the country to work in places such as Britain, after becoming a member of the single market.

Some estimates say as many as one-in-12 Lithuanians now lives in Britain with a population around 200,000. The country has seen one third of the population leave since 1995.

But, as predicted in a recent series of articles from eastern Europe, the EU’s open-door migrant policy might vbe fuelling the German economic machine but it is killing little countries like Lithuania.

Mr Guoga – also known as poker expert Tony G – warned the loss of professional people from countries across the EU is a “big challenge” for Brussels to deal with.

He added: “What would happen if it it doesn’t get solved? Countries will have to leave.”

Lithuania has embarked upon a huge effort to attract companies to invest in jobs and grow within its capital city Vilnius.As part of a two-pronged approach, the country wants large multinational corporates to set up shared service centres, as an alternative to locations such as India.

Barclays bank now employees around 1,200 staff in the city, with teams looking after its HR, cyber security and IT maintenance among other functions.

But Lithuania also wants to attract smaller start-ups to set-up, such as UK payments firm Revolut, which recently signed a memorandum of understanding of expansion in Lithuania with the central bank.Mr Guoga said: “Lithuania’s central bank is the most flexible and liberal in the whole world.

“Opportunities and licences can be fast-tracked.” reporter Zoie O’Brien recently reported from Albania where similar levels of economic migration is creating ‘ghost villages’ which will be dead in a generation.

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C A Dark
C A Dark

Crazy. Absolutely crazy. And Remoaners say there are no problems caused by “free movement of people”.

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