We have no choice.

The comment below from one of our regular commentators, Stephen Tayler, commenting on one of our articles: epitomises what so many of our readers think and, I believe, deserves special consideration.  Hence, I have published it as an article in its own right.  This is what ordinary people in the street believe.


I don’t think we have any choice now, but to just say bye bye EU. It is not just the UK, the world is watching, the EU is finished without the UK’s money and it knows it. So surprise surprise the EU move the goalposts again. In an effort to make sure we can never leave, till they have sucked us dry like an empty husk which they will then discard just as they did with Grease. They have always had the option of saying no if we activate article 50, as that is what article 50 is and why they were so keen for us to activate it. Article 50 is a red herring which in effect is then us asking The EU for permission to leave the EU and putting the EU in control. We don’t need that permission and we never have. There are legal grounds why we don’t need that permission as well, but they are shying away from that as it reveals so many corrupt politicians from both parties over the years. We can leave at any time by just declaiming our independence and walking away, they may not like it but tuff, we have liked little that the corrupt EU have done. I do in a way feel a bit of sympathy for May and I never thought I would say that, she is stuck between a rock and a hard place. and I am sure she remembers why Thatcher got booted out in the end, for not consulting her party and acting without them, or that is how they chose to see it anyway. I think we should decline to activate article 50 and just walk away, but at this point it is anyone’s guess what will happen. I do think if they get as nasty as they say they will there will be retaliations from other countries in the world, as they will all see what a piece of work the EU actually is. The EU is hanging on by its fingernails and once the banks stop bankrolling them they are finished. None of the money backers are going to want to plough their own money into a failing project. So of course they want the UK, but only for a cash cow. We should never have been conned into signing up to this corrupt dictatorship.

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Thanks for reposting. Interesting comments.

Phil Watson

Just repeal the treasonous and ‘bad law’ that put the UK in, and leave.

Jane Davies

” We should never have been conned into signing up to this corrupt dictatorship.” We the people were not conned in signing up as we never gave the go ahead for traitor Heath to do this in the first place….he lied to us and denied us the vote which was illegal. He signed ‘us’ up and I hope he doesn’t rest in peace.

” Grease and tuff”? Ooops some proof reading needed here!

As the people never gave consent to join this corrupt ‘club’ the UK can just stop sending billions of taxpayers hard earned and walk away.

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