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End of EU? Brussels devastated over Trump’s win as Schulz admits life will be ‘harder’

THE election of Donald Trump could mean devastation for the European Union with the parliament’s president Martin Schulz admitted relations just become “harder”.

Donald Trump and Martin Schulz the EU boss said he hoped to find some common ground

Mr Trump was confirmed as the next United States president this morning and within minutes Mr Schulz spoke out over his disappointment.The EU has enjoyed close links with the US and President Barack Obama and is a major trading partner.The EU president told Europe 1 radio”It will be hard, harder than with previous administrations but he is the freely elected president.

“We must respect the future president of the United States (…) I hope we will find a slot to cooperate.”

Mr Trump has been disparaging of the bloc over the last year, backing Brexit and inviting Mr Schulz’s arch enemy Nigel Farage to the US.

Mr Schulz expanded on his comments on Twitter this morning where he released a statement saying Mr Trump had become the “standard-bearer of the angst and fears of millions of Americans”.

“From the fight against global warming to its commitment to NATO, the world awaits and hopes for an outward-looking presidency aiming at shaping international relations and upholding the values of freedom and democracy.”Mr Schulz added the EU is the “largest trading partner of the US” and concluded: “The EU is committed to maintain this relationship. We hope the same holds true for the future US President.”

Guy Verhofstadt spoke out about his sadness Mrs Clinton lostGETTY

Guy Verhofstadt spoke out about his sadness Mrs Clinton lost

Speculation is mounting over what Trump would do next following his election

The EU’s Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt also lamented Mr Trump’s victory.He wrote on Twitter: “Trump wins. Not only missed chance to elect a 1st woman president.“Wake up call for Europe to further unite & take charge of its own destiny.”

EU Commission Jean-Cluade Juncker is yet to respond to this morning’s news.

There had been speculation the US election could have far reaching consequences for the EU.

In the run-up to his victory, Mr Trump said: “I think the EU is going to break up,” he told the Times. “The people are fed up, whether it’s here or in other countries. You watch: other countries will follow.”

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

The US election is another people powered action against the elitist establishment, the people have had enough of being ground down while the rich get richer. I don’t like Trump but you can’t blame the people for wanting a better life and a fairer society. As for the un-elected gravy train passengers like Schulz, suck it up buttercup, your days are numbered too.

C A Dark
C A Dark

Yes it is great to see the Establishment clobbered again. But there’s still a way to go yet before the people can be really confident. There will be backlashes. We’re already getting them re Brexit. Wounded animals don’t die without a fight.


Goodbye NWO, and she’d loads of PC, not to mention the discredited “global warming” scam, and many other EUtopian mirages. Trump and Pence will hopefully start the process of getting institutional statism off the backs of millions of people. Great news. BBooooooooM!

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