If British Politicians force the UK to stay in the European Union, in some ways, it might be beneficial.


Though this website has for many years fought for Britain to leave the EU, the nefarious actions of the politicians and judiciary may actually work to the advantage of British Democracy.

Britain has NEVER been a democracy, it is at best an ‘elective oligarchy’ whereby Members of Parliament and Councillors in Local Authorities, once elected, do as they please rather than what the Electorate requires of them.

They regard themselves as ‘delegates’ rather than a ‘representatives’ of the People that have elected them.

This has never been more apparent than with the attitude of so many MPs that regard the EU Referendum as a ‘mistake’ and that the British People have been misled by the rhetoric. Some have even gone so far as to say that British People do not understand the politics of the situation as they do.`

Even though Parliament voted 6 to 1 in favour of a referendum, few of them actually believed that the vote would go the way it did. In their arrogance, they simply failed to understand the contempt that so many people had for politicians in general and simply did not believe so many of the lies told to them of the dire consequences of voting to leave the European Union.

Though there are a few MPs like Lammy and Bryant who say that they will vote against initiating Article 50 despite the wishes of their own Constituents, most of the Europhile politicians are at the moment paying ‘lip service’ to Britain’s secession from the EU whilst all of the time pushing for the proposed terms of Britain’s secession to be publicly laid out in Parliament and thereby completely undermining negotations with the EU.

Having watched this week’s ‘Question Time’ from Stirling, it is apparent that event the SNP are not having it all their way. Despite the SNP claim that the majority of Scots wished to stay in the EU, it appeared to me that most of the applause was directed at those on the panel and in the audience that supported Brexit.

The majority of MPs are all hoping fervently that the Supreme Court appeal will go against the Government and force Theresa May to explain the Government’s negotiating strategy in open Parliament. This will exactly replicate Cameron’s negotiations with the EU prior to the referendum, he (Cameron) having stated his ambitions beforehand, which achieved absolutely nothing with regard to any concessions.

The majority of Parliament and the vested interests in the Corporations are hoping to extend the process indefinitely in the hope that the People will grow bored with the process and allow Brexit to fail.

Though Theresa May has the authority to regard Brexit as a vote of confidence in the Government and be able call an early election should it fail, this is very unlikely to happen. Not least because May is frightened of losing her one chance of personal power. The rest of the Europhiles in Parliament are hoping that the Electorate will have forgotten their treachery by the time of the next scheduled General Election in May, 2020. WE WILL NOT.

This is where the additional benefits to democracy may occur. Even if Europhile MPs achieve their aim to sabotage Brexit, they will be know as their every word is reported in ‘Hansard’ and there will be many eyes upon them should they betray us. Not only will the Electorate have the chance to relieve ourselves of such treacherous ‘representatives’, there is also the chance that we may, at the same time, elect new representatives that do not consider themselves delegates, will follow the wishes of their Constituents and thereby, finally bring democracy to Britain. Something that is so sorely needed.

If we should then have a new crop of MPs in Parliament, hopefully it will be a majority in coalition that will not follow the nonsense of the Article 50 route and declare unilateral secession by repealing the European Communities Act:1972 and save Britain from the spite of the European Parliament.

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Alan Ashwood
Alan Ashwood

Although the assessment of the facts and situation in Westminster are spot on – THERE IS NO ARGUMENT TO STAY IN THE EU!

Clive Taylor-Sholl

Just for interest, here is a letter I have written to my MP which I will be posting Monday morning, which is relevant to this Editorial. Dear Sir, I am profoundly concerned about the threat to our democracy posed by the decisions being made, regarding Britain’s relationship with the European Union. It is an undeniable fact that Parliament is bound by the Constitutional Law of the land. The Constitutional Laws of our country; enshrined in the Magna Carta (1215), the Petition of Right (1628), the Bill of Rights (1689) and the Act of Settlement (1701); are the most important and… Read more »

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