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DEXIT IS ON! Eurosceptic party signals it WILL back EU referendum after Nigel Farage visit

EUROSCEPTIC leaders of the Danish People’s Party (DDP) have signalled the party is formally considering backing an EU referendum after meeting with Nigel Farage.

Soren Espersen, the party’s foreign affairs spokesman, said his party is monitoring Britain’s process closely and added if makes a success of exit, Denmark could be next.The anti- politician also said he hoped the Scandinavian country’s Prime Minister would offer the UK his full support as it prepares to leave the red-tape obsessed bloc.

Mr Espersen said: “I am tempted to see what Britain gets out of it. If they end up in a reasonable place, that’s what we should do. But we’re not there yet.

“We would really like to influence those discussions so that Britain gets as good a deal as possible.

Danish People’s Party leaders and Nigel FarageSCANPIX • NEWS XCHANGE

The Danish People’s Party signalled it was ready to back Dexit after Mr Farage’s visit

Mr Espersen comments followed meeting with Mr Farage at Christiansborg on Wednesday, where the former Ukip leader said he believed Denmark would take another brick out of the EU wall shortly.said: “It’s a question of time before Denmark leaves the EU.”

Mr Farage’s declaration of support for eurosceptic Danes came after he spoke at the , where he accused journalists of not daring to cover the real feelings of the British people.


It’s a question of time before Denmark leaves the EU

Nigel Farage

Mr Farage said: “There are some big issues that you guys need to think very hard about.

“The European question is one of them – we’ve shown with Brexit what is possible, and there are now many countries across the European Union seriously questioning their future in this project.

“I think in terms of immigration, I still think many of you are covering this subject in a way that anyone who dares to raise the issue, somehow has malevolent intentions underneath – which in the vast majority of cases simply isn’t true.”

In a direct warning to the reporters in attendance, he added: “You’ve got to change, otherwise you’ll come back here in five years time and there’ll be fewer of you.”

Nigel Farage in DenmarkNEWS XCHANGE

Mr Farage said he believed Denmark would take another brick out of the EU wall shortly

The DDP’s hint they could be ready to officially back an EU referendum follows the Government’s decision on Monday to appoint as its new foreign minister in a Cabinet reshuffle.

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