‘IT’S NOT FAIR’ Remoaner Tim Farron throws tantrum about DEMOCRACY as he loses Brexit vote

REMOANER-IN-CHIEF Tim Farron threw an extraordinary Twitter tantrum tonight after his party was comprehensively thrashed in its bid to block Brexit.


Tim Farron went on an extraordinary Twitter rant about democracy tonight

The Lib Dem chief moaned about “democracy” after directly elected MPs rejected his party’s plot to keep Britain in the European Union.And he accused the Tories and Labour of a “stitch-up” after MPs bowed to the will of the people and promised to implement the referendum result.
Mr Farron’s petulant outburst comes just days after the Lib Dems bragged they would stop Brexit following the election of their first new MP since 2010.He flew off the handle after MPs in the House of Commons voted by an overwhelming 461 votes to 89 to back the PM’s plan to trigger Article 50 by the end of March.

Tim Farron, Nick Clegg and Sarah OlneyPA

Fellow Lib Dems Nick Clegg and Sarah Olney also voted against Article 50

Commons speak John BercowPA

But the vote was passed by a massive margin in the Commons tonight

But embarrassingly for the Lib Dem leader he couldn’t even get all of his own party to vote against the Government amendment.House of Commons voting records show that just five of his nine MPs – including himself – voted against the motion.Three others – Norman Lamb, John Pugh and Greg Mulholland – did not turn up for the vote. Tom Brake, the party’s chief whip, was in the House but acted as a ‘teller’ – MPs tasked with verifying the result – and therefore his vote was not counted.

But that did not stop Mr Farron from firing off a petulant tweet following the result, ranting: “Labour & Tories holding hands towards a hard Brexit, refusing to seek the will of the people on the deal. I want democracy not a stitch up.”

Labour & Tories holding hands towards a hard Brexit, refusing to seek the will of the people on the deal. I want democracy not a stitch up.


I want democracy not a stitch up

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron

Tory MP Steve Double rubbed salt in the wound of the floundering leader, sarcastically asking: “So where were half your MPs for such an historic vote?”And other Twitter users were equally unsympathetic to his virulently pro-Brussels tendencies being so cruelly ignored.Dwight Webster replied to the Lib Dem leader: “Some people just don’t seem to know when to give up.”

Another user called Maxie ‏said: “We had a democratic vote. They heard the ‘will of the people’. I voted stay but I accept democracy. Why don’t you?”

And Mrs H blasted: “I don’t understand how you can say you want democracy…you want YOUR own way. You are deluded, let’s hope we vote you out.”

The Lib Dem leader did not appear to appreciate the irony of his demand for democracy – which mirrors repeated statements he has made urging the Government to consult parliament on the Brexit negotiations.

He was incredibly eager to crow about parliamentary sovereignty after the High Court ruled Mrs May could not begin divorce talks without consulting MPs.Speaking on the day of the verdict: “Given the strict two year timetable of exiting the EU once Article 50 is triggered, it is critical that the government now lay out their negotiating to Parliament, before such a vote is held.”But it appears the Lib Dem leader is less keen on MPs wielding too much influence when they vote against his underhand plans to keep Britain in the EU.

The Lib Dems are seeking a second referendum on any exit deal the Government secures with Brussels, which they hope will overturn the result of this June’s historic vote.

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He would not know what democracy is as he is to used to what the EU call democracy. Which is actually ” We say jump and you say how high.” They would get a different answer to that from anyone who actually believes in democracy. Fortunately it looks like the EU is imploding, but I am afraid we will get dragged down by its demise. We should just declare our independence and walk away. All we need to talk about is ex pats. Nothing else. They still need us more then we need them. At the moment they really need… Read more »


You have to laugh at him really. He doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘democracy’ or ‘irony’ for that matter. I think the word ‘democrat’ needs to be dropped from his party’s title as it bears no resemblance to what his party actually stands for or believes in.

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