It was 0210 am on this Friday morning.  I had stayed up late to watch, for me, an enjoyable old movie.

I was tired and ready for my bed whilst feeling pleasantly mellow after a couple of snifters of Courvoisier VS.  As is my habit before I turn off the computer and go to bed, I have a quick run through the latest newspaper stories.

That is when my pleasant feelings of euphoria came to an abrupt end.  The five following articles slapped me in the face and proved to me that Britain, if it does not shift out of its usual complacency is doomed as a Country as we know it.

The majority of the People of Britain voted in the referendum to leave the EU.  The greatest reason for most was the level of immigration.  I have shied away from using the term ‘New World Order’ because it smacks of conspiracy theory to which I am not a great advocate.  This early morning; I changed my mind.

I have in the past tried to avoid passing judgement, though not always successfully,  on the number of Islamic migrants coming to this Country because I am aware that it causes discomfort to the many hundreds of thousands of those Muslims that consider themselves British and wish to integrate themselves to be just ordinary Britons that enjoy all that it is to be British.  I am also aware that there are also many hundreds of thousands that wish to enjoy the privileges of living in Britain but actively avoid any form of integration unless it suits them.

I am most definitely not a believer in Theresa May.  It is well known that she was an advocate of the EU.  As Home Secretary, she proved herself incompetent when it came to ridding us of extremist Muslims such as Abu Hamza al-Masri.  It took the Americans to have him deported from Britain to the United States; have him convicted of terrorist behaviour and incarcerated.  That in itself is a shame on the British Government.  Ii is not just Hamza but her whole attitude to the problem of radical Islamisation in this Country.  She is a known advocate of Sharia which is entirely an anathema to British Common Law.  No Country can have two parallel judicial systems if it requires cohesion.

It is not just this criticism of her attitude to appeasement of radical Islam, it is her adherence to the avowed intention of the European Union to homogenize the Peoples of Europe.  Since the Lisbon Treaty, Britain had an ‘opt-out’ of over 150 points of EU Home and Justice Affairs legislation.  Much of that legislation became either redundant or superseded by other EU Law.  Yet. what remained, including the infamous European Arrest Warrant that overrode over 800 years of British Common Law and the right of Habeus Corpus, she opted Britain back into.

Yet. she is a consummate politician.  She avows that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ which may convince many that she has arrived at an epiphany whilst all of the time, she allows Government to undermine the whole concept of the result of the referendum without any real rebuke; she constantly states that Britain (meaning she)  will negotiate a deal that is best for the British economy whilst meaning all of the time that she is aiming for what is best for the Corporations.  The referendum was unequivocal in that it was supposed to be a straight ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the EU.  The true British will deal with any aftermath because British sovereignty has no price.

Yet, despite her apparent machinations, she appears to advocate the views of her (and much of the Westminster politicians) Corporate masters, and by its natural conclusion, a new World Order (there, I have said it) that would see the whole World presided over by Multi-National Corporations.

Despite popular protest, the European authorities continue to allow mass migration despite the rhetoric of ‘closing the borders’ and like Angela Merkel, Theresa May continues to allow mass migration into this Country under the guise of an ‘humanitarian gesture’.  It is nothing of the sort.  It is a last ditch attempt for the moribund EU and its advocates in the Westminster Parliament to try to impose their own agenda on the British People who have successfully fought to oppose it in the past.  We must rise up and oppose this.

It is now almost 5 am,  I am exhausted, but I have had my say.  I hope that all that read this feel the same outrage as I do.

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Jennifer Lindley
Jennifer Lindley

To address your comments which you believe that you need to “pick me up on a couple of points…” I would posit that the word “invasion” usually describes the action: “to enter a country or territory by military force!” As well as lesser examples such as “invade the pitch” in soccer terms; if “we” weren’t entering a sovereign state with a military force, I would like to know how it could be described alternatively. The word invade certainly does not always imply “the ANNEXATION of a sovereign state” and that was not my intention in this instance. Of course,… Read more »

Jennifer Lindley
Jennifer Lindley

Although I agree with your points that we simply cannot take in more than a small number of asylum seekers at a time; I do feel that we have a collective responsibility to those who are genuine asylum seekers from countries that “we” have invaded and bombed to smithereens. Iraq being the obvious example, followed by Afghanistan…again, isn’t this the 4th time we Brits have invaded that beleaguered and desperately poor country? Wouldn’t the simple and sensible answer be to stop invading countries that do not present a threat to us and stop fighting proxy wars?! Having said that, yes… Read more »

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