‘Go to Africa’ Seething party members blast city councillors over plans to build a mosque

SEETHING political party members have lashed out at town planners by handing out flyers calling on councillors to stop the building of a new mosque.


A political party in Germany has sent postcards to city councillor member

The Third Way party sent postcards to the private addresses of all 22 council members in the western community of Hachenburg in the Federal state of Rhineland Palatinate.One postcard reportedly said: “If you don’t love Germany, you should leave Germany.”


The plans to build the mosque have been discussed three times

Another read: “Travel voucher to Africa for the advocates of alienation.”It is believed the postcards were sent as a protest against the planned construction of a mosque, which requires the permission of local authorities.

Muslims 2 GETTY

The mosque is aimed at the Turkish Ditib community

Third Way previously distributed flyers opposing the mosque’s construction during a rally on November 17 but the group is now targeting the private homes of the local councillors.A statement on the party’s website reads: “The Third Way does not oppose Islam as a relegation, but it [Islam] does not belong in Germany.”

It adds: “A mosque is just another sign of Germany’s increasing alienation.”

The chairman of Hachenburg council – which has a majority of members from Angela Merkel’s CDU party – called the action “disgusting and humiliating”.

According to reports in Germany, councillors have filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office.The construction of the mosque, aimed at providing a place of worship for the Turkish Islamic Ditib community, was originally floated in 2014, but plans failed when a shooting club gained access to the site.

When the idea was put forward by authorities for a second time, nearby residents requested building management rights, and insisted the mosque be built without a visible roof dome or minarets.

The latest attempt is proving no less controversial.

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