Veteran eurosceptic launches astonishing tirade against EU WARMONGERING over Brexit

A VETERAN Conservative MP has urged Theresa May to accelerate Britain’s European divorce in order to protect itself from the European Union’s warmongering threats.

Sir Bill Cash, who has campaigned against Britain’s EU membership for 30 years, said the historic referendum on June 23 was a critical first step to “defeat the idea of the absorbing us”.

The 76-year-old hit out at threats from  which he branded as completely “outrageous” – comparing the victory to World War Two.

Speaking to, the long-term eurosceptic responded to anti-Brexit rhetoric from the Continent saying: “When you get these people coming on television from trying to threaten us like Wolfgang Schauble saying Brexit is poison – those sort of statements are actually completely, totally and not only unacceptable, they are outrageous.

“Germany over the last 100 years have created war – twice – and been defeated by us, so if we should be threatened by them, or indeed for that matter the European Union it’s simply outrageous – we’ve won this battle again over Brexit.”

Back in March, Mr Schauble, the German finance minister, said Brexit would be a “poison” to the UK, European and global economy.


The senior Tory MP suggested war threats from the EU will only stop when we leave

The only way of making sure we are protected from all of those sort of threats if for us to be out

Sir Bill Cash

Sir Bill continued: “Of course, there is no question of war in this context but none the less, we have managed to defeat the idea of this European Union absorbing us – as [Winston] Churchill said in relation to the European Union, we must be associated but not absorbed.”

While discussing his speech during the Article 50 debate in Parliament on December 7, the 76-year-old spoke of quotes from former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and ex-German Chancellor Helmut Kohl suggesting that if the UK doesn’t follow the Union then there “will be war”.

The veteran Tory continued: “When I was in Brussels last I actually mentioned this in my speech. Mario Monti said Europe needs political integration because otherwise there will be war – it is as simple as that.

“I quoted it in a speech [in Parliament] because that’s what he said in Brussels.

“Chancellor Kohl as I pointed out said exactly the same in the 1990s – they bring forward these threats that if you don’t do what they want there will be war.


Sir Bill Cash has continually raged against the EU from the Tory backbenches

“The only way of making sure we are protected from all of those sort of threats is for us to be out – so that we can then make our own decisions, on our own terms, in our own parliament.”

The Conservative MP, who has consistently fought against the EU’s growth from the Tory backbenches, predicted that will secure Britain’s future sooner than expected by triggering Article 50 ahead of her own departure timetable.

Sir Bill is confident that once Supreme Court appeal over Brexit is concluded the Prime Minister can get down to “serious business”.

On the process of disentangling Britain from the Brussels bureaucracy, Sir Bill said: “What happened with the Article 50 vote was a demonstration of the fact that the House of Commons has now gone through the most incredible turnaround because when I first started arguing this case in the Maastricht Treaty, with some very brave rebels.

“I’d like to see more immediate progress in the sense that I would like to see an acceleration of the Repeal Bill, for example.

“Once we’ve got this vote out of the way which we did on December 7 and the Supreme Court hearing, which is a very large storm in a very large teapot, we will then get into the serious business which will lead up to us making our Article 50 deal and giving notice.

“It maybe before the end of March, let alone the end of this year.”

While Sir Bill is hoping for an earlier-than-expected exit from the EU his expectations may have been dashed after .The Chancellor said businesses, civil servants and “thoughtful politicians” all agreed on the issue.

He told Parliament’s Treasury select committee on Monday: “There is, I think, an emerging view among businesses, among regulators, among thoughtful politicians, as well as a universal view among civil servants on both sides of the English channel that having a longer period to manage the adjustment between where we are now as full members of the EU and where we get to in the future as a result of negotiations would be generally helpful.”

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