When are British Politicians going to stop humiliating themselves, and worse, OUR COUNTRY?

The EU Politicians are shewing themselves for what they are; ill mannered louts.  They just do not seem to understand that discourse between them and other Nation’s politicians have to be at least civil, else it is impossible to have any kind of meaningful discourse.

In National Parliaments, it is almost inevitable that insults across the floor are inevitable during PMQ’s,  and  even be considered a convention but, certainly in the Westminster Parliament, there are boundaries that must not be crossed without deserving the wroth of the Speaker.

However, once outside the Common’s Chamber, business between MPs of all parties are usually carried out in a cordial and business like manner.  Not so in Europe.

At least in Westminster, Bercow makes at least a pretense of impartiality (though not always successful) and will sanction any MP that gets seriously out of line.  Not so in Brussels, especially under the Chairmanship of Martin Schultz who is seldom heard to seriously reprimand any MEP that should denigrate British representatives including many outrageous comments from Guy Verhofstadt whose vitriole against Britain is well known.  No reprimand was forthcoming when Nigel Farage was asked ‘What are you even doing here (in the EU Parliament Chamber)’ on the 24th July, the day after the Brexit referendum.  Until secession from the EU actually occurs, Britain has the perfect right to not only be in the Chamber but to have full participation in ALL EU matters as long as we pay into the EU funds.

theresa-may-743856Last week, Theresa May allowed herself to be humiliated at the summit gathering when she was ostracised by all present and was virtually ignored when giving her speech on the rights of both British and European ex-Pats to have their rights guaranteed.  There is no doubt that the intention to ostracise was intentional at the gathering rather than an oversight because a study of photographs and movie footage shews quite clearly, the likes of Mogherini and others surrepticiously watching the humilitation of May without making any attempt to include her in conversation.  At least May had the integrity to remark that she may as well leave when she was ignored after her speech, but then, any person of integrity, let alone a Head of State, would not accept ANY of such calculated rudeness from the moment it began to occur.  A Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May is certainly not.

This a quite outrageous treatment of a Head of State of any Nation.  But then, it is what we are realising is the way that the EU intends to carry on business with the UK.

It is becoming more and more apparent that Theresa May is entirely unsuited to the role of Prime Minister.  Britain must have, and deserves, much better.

As Home Secretary, she was well known for her incompetence in alienating the Police, failing to deport the likes of Abu Hamza by not issuing the correct paperwork and having no control of any kind over our Borders (irrespective of what was required by the EU) as she allowed (and is STILL allowing) uncontrolled illegal immigration to be rife and the Home Office has no idea of the numbers of illegal migrants to this Country which Supermarket Buyers estimate to be 3 or 4 million over the declared ‘Official’ figures.

She was elected to the role of Prime Minister virtually unopposed because she is considered a ‘safe pair of hands’ for the Europhile Members of the Conservative Party and is easily manipulated.

May is fond of using the mantra; ‘Brexit means Brexit’ but it is becoming more and more apparent that she lacks the will to see it through, or she does not have the presence to reprimand those that would betray the will of the People.  She frequently gainsays David Davis and Boris Johnson but does nothing to reprimand the overt machinations of Phillip Hammond who is outrageously trying to compromise Britain’s secession from the EU and indeed May appears to be intimating that Britain will accept a compromise deal from the EU.

This apparent disarray between British politicians is encouraging the disdain of European politicians and they are proposing more and more outrageous penalties for the audacity of the British in wanting Brexit.

We do not CARE that bankers wish to stay in the EU because they are only charged 6% tax.  The EU is in the accelerating position of bankrupting themselves.  Should we stay in the EU and the European banks should fail, it is not the banks who will lose out on the often toxic deals that they have made, it will be the taxpayer  that will pick up the bill as it did with Northern Rock and the 2008 crash.

The truth is;  the majority of Britains do not want to stay in the EU for a minute longer than it takes to just leave.  A very large proportion of the antipathy that we have for the EU is that it appears to be solely for the ‘Fat Cats’ and very little for the ordinary person.

2064.jpgYet our politicians are behaving exactly as they did before the referendum. Any number of European politicians have plainly stated that Britain does not need the EU (including Juncker himself) and it is the EU that should be the supplicant and not us.  Their childish behaviour is all to do with the fact that they have become entirely inept and  profligate with the contributions paid to them and they simply do not have any idea what to do about it when Britain leaves.  THEIR only hope is a mutually beneficial deal with Britain when we leave that will allow prosperous trade on both sides.

It has nothing to do with ‘cherry picking’ simply because Turkey has tariff free access to the ‘single market’ with only minor restrictions from importing goods from ‘Third’ countries and no free movement .  It is only sour grapes that stops them from admitting that had Britain never joined, they would be biting our hands of to trade with us as a ‘third’ Country on the same terms as we do now.

May and the Government have been entirely disigenuous with the British People by declaring that the only ‘legal’ way for Britain to leave the EU is by the ‘Article 50’ route.  Article 50 is not only a trap included in the Lisbon Treaty to make it more difficult for a Member State to leave, it is exactly the cause for the present prevarication by our politicians.  IT IS ALSO A BALD-FACED LIE!

The British Government ratified the signing of the UN inaugurated Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties:1969 in 1971 which predates Heath’s signing of the Treaty of Rome.  Article 53 of the VCLT:1969 makes it ILLEGAL under International Law for a Country to enter into a Treaty that would abrogate National  Sovereignty and would also have required the SPECIFIC (not implied) repeal of the 1351 Treason Act.  This is actual International Law and not an old wives tale.

Under existing EU Law, it is illegal for the EU to allow a Member State to be exempt from ‘Freedom of Movement’ and cannot be altered without Treaty change.  Britain’s Constitution (and the VCLT) forbid Britain to accept supra-National control of sovereign matters.  An EU Treaty change would take a minimum of 2 years to reach a consensus and would likely not occur anyway.

The most obvious solution all round for all parties concerned is to accept that Britain’s Membership of the EU is Illegal in the first place and that the Government should then instruct the Supreme Court to ratify this.  Britain could then trade with the EU as a ‘third’ Country on the same terms as we do now as though we had never joined in the first place.

May has an overall majority in the Commons and the Tories together with the Eurosceptic members of the Labour Party would have sufficient majority to pass such a Bill in Parliament once they have come clean about the VCLT to the Public.  May has the prerogative to make the passing of this Bill as a ‘Vote of Confidence’ in the Conservative Party and Tory Europhile MPs could then consider whether they wished to keep their jobs or not.  The House of Lords need not be a major problem as it can also be announced that a House of Lords Reform Bill was in the offing and, in any case, should they vote against a bill declaring the illegality of Britain’s membership of the EU, then there is always the Parliament Act to overrule the Lords.

Perhaps then, Britain and Europe could trade as though they were grown-ups

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James Leck

Don’t waste your time attending summits to be ignored Mrs May, start talking to Marie Le Pen, Gert Wilders, the Hungarians, Italians (and all the other parties who want to leave the EU) about trading with us after their own exit votes. It’ll lend credence to their aspirations and show that Britain is more than capable of leadership in the new Europe. We already know that in the run up to their exit vote, each countries “remoamers” will be saying that ” you cannot exist outside the EU as a single nation any more because you will have no market… Read more »

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