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This is the flag of OUR United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It is the symbol of our heritage.  It is the symbol of what made Britain and what made the World a better place than if we had not existed.

There are many detractors that vilify Britain for its colonial past whilst studiously ignoring the fact that most of the other European countries also had many colonies overseas. The difference being between Britain and most of the other European colonists is that Britain left those colonies in a far better state than they were before colonisation.  We did not just rape and pillage those colonies for their intrinsic wealth as other countries did (although our ancestors were certainly guilty to some degree of that) but, we also introduced the principle of ‘Civics’ that took most of those colonies from being a state of internecine ‘tribal’ conflict into something resembling democracy.  Most of our former colonies that are not ruled by despots, still adhere to the principles of ‘English Common Law’ and the practices associated with it.  It is a little known fact that although Britain ‘ruled’ around one fifth of the World’s land-mass it did so with as few as 150,000 troops at any one time and was only possible because, like the Roman Empire, we instructed the local populations into the efficacy of the rule of Law and they became more or less. self administering.  It is far too easy for these left wing activists to overlook the fact when calling Britain racist colonists that, had we left, for example Africa, to their own devices, it would have been overrun by the racist and xenophobic tribes such as the Zulu and Matabele that overran much of the Eastern side of African by slaughtering other tribes to extinction for the sin of not being Zulu or Matabele. Most of the slave trade was instigated by African tribes enslaving conquered peoples of their own kind and selling them to either the Arab slave traders or directly to European/American slavers.

There are detractors of Britain such as in Bristol where I live that calls for days of ‘atonement’ for when Britain, several hundred years ago, was involved in the Slave Trade and ask us to pay penance for something that our ancestors did whilst entirely overlooking the fact that William Wilberforce over many years fought for the abolition of slavery.  It is an example of the inherent goodness in the British People that even those that were likely to lose considerable sums at the abolition, stood in Parliament and applauded Wilberforce for his victory.  Not only that, the Royal Navy took on the mantle of enforcing that same edict on the rest of the World and succeeded.  Britannia, in those days, certainly ruled the waves.

Britain is no longer that great martial Nation.  We have been overtaken by Nations with many times more population that have benefited from not only from the scientific advances bestowed by Britain but by many of the other European Nations.  It is also due to the fact that many venal politicians have emasculated if not decimated the British Armed Forces by their short sighted and greedy pursuit of personal power.  Yet, despite our small population, Britain is still the fourth mightiest Military power in the World simply because of the steadfastness of the British spirit.  We WILL NOT be trodden upon.  Our Special Forces are emulated in many countries throughout the World.

Despite that, Britain has suffered a malaise for decades due to the same venal politicians mentioned above.  These ‘career’ politicians who have no idea what being British is as seen by the ordinary Briton, few have ever done a day’s honest work, yet they set themselves up as arbiters of how Britain should be run.  It is not just their privileged lives and educational indoctrination that has given them the sense of superiority, it is the system in politics that allows this attitude to flourish.  I am not just talking of the recent influx to the Conservative Party, it is completely rife in both the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Parties.

It is this attitude that I have set myself up to fight.  I certainly do not do this out some misplaced sense of ‘Class rivalry’ as I believe that anyone can do better for themselves if they really wish to and the word ‘class’ is meaningless in this context.  I have set myself up to fight those that took us into the European Union either knowing that it was intended to create a Federal European State out of ideology, or, worse, out of pure greed and self interest.

Many of you know that I am somewhat frail of health but now that Britain is so close to being free of the yoke of the European Union, I am adamant that that my only wish is to see this great Nation that is the United Kingdom prevails in its endeavour to be free once again before I depart this mortal coil.  That is what I wish to thank all of our faithful readers for.

When my health is at its lowest ebb, our weekly page ‘hits’ dropped to around 3500.  Now, that I am feeling better on the occasional days when I can post several articles, our circulation has already risen to around 10,000 weekly ‘hits’.  Not quite the same as our average 15,000 ‘hits’ but getting back there.  I thank you all sincerely for keeping the faith and hope that you will continue to visit the site and, most importantly, continue to redistribute the posts on the various social media.  I for my part, and forget the melodrama, will endeavour to keep the site going as long as possible.

My special thanks to those that have instigated cash sums and regular small monthly payments to help me cover the cost of running the site.  You all deserve a special place in your respective heavens.

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Although I have lived in Canada for ten years and am a dual citizen my true allegiance is with the land of my birth. I, and my husband, used a proxy to vote for us to leave the EU (postal voting is a complete waste of time as ballot papers never arrive before voting day) and we are thrilled that the country is no longer a star on the EU flag, there was even talk that the EU was going to ban individual national flags and have just the EU one. Both of my Grandfathers and my dad fought in… Read more »

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