Nigel Farage reveals the KEY issue which delivered his Brexit battle victory

NIGEL FARAGE has revealed immigration was the driving force behind his campaign to secure Britain’s European Union exit.

The outspoken politician said while it wasn’t his motivation for , it was perhaps the issue that helped to secure victory in the June referendum.Speaking on , Mr Farage declared the immigration argument had helped him and other Brexiteers to navigate past media bias towards the Remain campaign.

The 52-year-old added that while being able to finally “govern our own country” without Brussels lawmakers intervening should have been the real reason for leaving the European Union – however, immigration took a key role.

He said: “It was massive. Look, the referendum was about do we govern our own country or not, and you couldn’t do that if you stayed a member of the European Union – and that has been the top line argument of this for decades.

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Nigel Farage claimed immigration was Brexit driving force

Immigration was the key for delivering Brexit

Nigel Farage

“But it was the subset of open borders, it was people seeing the change in their communities, it was the driving down of wages, it was the lack of availability of GP appointments. Immigration was the key!”Mr Farage also spoke of how former Prime Minister could have avoided a EU referendum altogether if he had simply been a tough negotiator when seeking a new deal for Britain.

He suggested that if Mr Cameron had been more aggressive by demanding changes from the EU chiefs Brexit could have been an unnecessary exercise.

The former Ukip leader added: “Does he really know what street fighting is? Because where he let himself down, I think, wasn’t the campaign, it was the deal.

“He goes over and makes very modest demands, doesn’t threaten anything.“He basically said, ‘this is what I want, and if I don’t get it, well, we’ll stay anyway’.

Mr Cameron eventually stood down as Prime Minister allowing Theresa May to take the Brexit reins and guide Britain out of the EU.

However, Mr Farage also cast doubt over her ability to oversea the mammoth task, stating that her indecisive nature had allowed Remainers to launch efforts to block the process.

He concluded: “My concern is this: She’s been Prime Minister for basically six months and we’re having to wait on a Supreme Court decision, that will come in the middle of January, and we’ve got the French aristocrat, former European commissioner Michel Barnier now dictating timetables to us.

“None of this needed to happen if she’d been decisive and declared Article 50.”“I think, frankly, at the moment there is a lack of leadership and I think because of that we’ve got the Cabinet contradicting itself every single day.

“Let’s wait and see, but if she’s as successful as Prime Minister as she was as Home Secretary we’ve got a bit of a problem.”

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