Jeremy Corbyn insists Labour ‘won’t stand by’ on Brexit deal in DAMNING New Year’s message

IN AN outspoken New Year’s message Jeremy Corbyn has warned the Government that he “won’t stand by” and let Theresa May strike a Brexit deal Labour doesn’t agree with.

The Labour leader said 2016 “will be defined in history” by the nation’s decision to leave the European Union and also blasted the political system for “letting down the people of this country”.The left winger promised his party would not attempt to block Brexit but said they “won’t stand by” and let the Government negotiate a deal that only benefits the City.

Corbyn said: “A Brexit that protects the bankers in the City and continues to give corporate handouts to the biggest companies is not good enough.”The 67-year-old gave a bleak outlook for the upcoming year and also spoke about a growing wave of distrust in politicians.


Jeremy Corbyn is rebranding himself as anti-establishment in line with the zeitgeist

He said: “People don’t trust politicians and they didn’t trust the European Union. I understand that.”I’ve spent over 40 years in politics campaigning for a better way of doing things, standing up for people, taking on the establishment and opposing decisions that would make us worse-off.”

The Islington North MP claimed added that “decisions made in Westminster are making people’s lives harder”.

Corbyn said: “Those in charge today have put the jobs market, housing, the NHS and social care in crisis. We can’t let them mess this up. It’s about everyone’s future.

Theresa MayGETTY

Corbyn insists he won’t let Theresa May strike a deal that only benefits the City

“Whether that’s elderly people not receiving the care at home they deserve, putting huge strain on them and their family, or whether it’s the people waiting longer in A&E or on trolleys because our National Health Service and social care system is at breaking point, despite the best efforts of the wonderful and dedicated staff.”Whether it’s the homeless families who are being priced out of a housing market that only works for the few.”

The bold views of Corbyn are in line with his new image overhaul, spearheaded by leftwing strategists, which aims to present the Labour leader as a leftwing populist in order to ride the anti-politics mood in Brexit Britain.

Mr Corbyn insisted Labour was “founded to stand up for people”, citing its creation of the NHS.

But the party still has a way to go before it catches up with the Conservatives, as the latest ICM poll showed Labour was 14 points behind the Tories.

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Margaret Robinson
Margaret Robinson

Labour more than any other party were the proponents of mass migration. Blair could have delayed migration from Romania & Bulgaria for 5 years according to the EU but he immediately opened our borders to them. This was as much to do with maintaining future labour votes as it was to satisfy the big corporations desire for a never ending supply of cheap labour and expanding the economy. Regardless of how much the economy expanded the result per capita remained static. hence the every widening inequality that made the rich richer and the poor poorer. Labour was complicit in this… Read more »

Margaret robinson
Margaret robinson

Corbyn does not like the eu but desperately needs to remain in it because its the immigrant vote that keeps the labour party alive. More immigrants means more votes. EU migrants have the right to vote in the uk so this gives him an ever expanding voter base especially among non white peoples


I left the labour party and they virtually begged me to stay a member. But I didn’t like where they were/are going and decided I could no longer support them. So I told them I was leaving with immediate effect and as an additional measure asked my bank not to honor any payment requests from labour in the future. I think Labour is now a spent force and finished politically I also suspect they have had a huge exodus of members leave the Labour party for much the same reasons as I did. This is a pity as he had… Read more »

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