Norway predicts Britain will opt for VERY HARD Brexit and remove itself ENTIRELY from EU

NORWAY’S Prime Minister Erna Solberg claims Britain will opt for an extremely HARD Brexit and not buckle to EU pressure.

The 55-year-old, who has been in office since October 2013, has predicted that Theresa May will stand firm on Brexit but claimed it may struggle to get talks moving with Brussels chiefs who will slow down negotiations.She said Britain would secure “a very hard Brexit”, removing itself entirely from the EU.

Ms Holberg, speaking in Germany, said she hoped Britain would be able to negotiate an agreement that keeps it very close to the EU but said it would be a difficult due to a lack of negotiators.

Solberg and MayGetty

Erna Solberg (left) has said the UK lacks negotiating ability in its Brexit deal

I fear a very hard Brexit but I hope we will find a better solution

Erna Solberg, Norway’s Prime Minister

During a meeting of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) she said: ”And we do feel that sometimes when we are discussing with Britain, that their speed is limited by the fact that it is such a long time since they have negotiated” alone on such issues.She added: ”I fear a very hard Brexit but I hope we will find a better solution.”

Norway, although not in the EU, is a member of the bloc’s single market and allows free movement for EU workers.

Theresa MayPA

Prime Minister Theresa May

It also contributes to the EU budget and is a signatory to the Schengen agreement.Opinion in the UK is divided over what form of Brexit the country should take, either a “hard” Brexit where it severs all ties with the bloc or follows a “soft” and, like Norway, keeps close ties with the EU whilst still remaining outside of it.

Prime Minister Theresa May has so far said little publicly about her negotiating position, arguing that to do so could weaken London’s hand in the talks.

Sir Ivan RogersReuters

Former UK Ambassador to Brussels Sir Ivan Rogers

Ms Solberg said it would be very hard for Britain to accept the EU’s “four freedoms” – of movement of goods, capital, people, and services – without having a vote in the EU Council.The Norwegian Prime Minister added: ”I hope that we will find a solution that leaves Britain as a partner in a lot of the European activities that we need them to be a partner in.”

In a move that highlighted tensions at the heart of the British government over how to handle Brexit, Britain’s ambassador to the EU, Sir Ivan Rogers, resigned this week.

In his resignation letter he referred to a lack of negotiating experience within the British civil service.

He wrote: ”Serious multilateral negotiating experience is in short supply in Whitehall, and that is not the case in the (European) Commission or in the (European) Council.”

The Commission in Brussels handles trade and some other negotiations on behalf of the EU’s member states. Britain joined the bloc in 1973.

A spokesman for Leave EU said: ”Any attempt to keep us in, as an associate member like Norway, would go against everything the leave side campaigned for.“If the UK is heading for a clean Brexit, like the public voted for, that’s fine with us.”

Ukip Home Affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins MEPGetty

Jane Collins MEP, Ukip’s Home Affairs spokeswoman has hit back at Erna Solberg’s comments

Ukip Home Affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP told Mrs Solberg: “It would be best if she did not interfere in the Brexit process, particularly by attacking the calibre of the British people.”She may fear a ‘hard Brexit’ – or what everyone else actually calls ‘Brexit’ because we are either in or out, but the British people voted for independence.

“There are plenty of experienced negotiators in the UK so long as the government look outside of their closed circle of friends. The FCO has led us down the path of integration with the EU so I fail to see why we should look towards them as the people needed to get us out.

“Civil servants are supposed to advise, not dictate. This is something Sir Ivan clearly had a problem with.

“As far as Mrs Solberg goes, she may have earned the nickname ‘Iron Erne’ for her perceived tough stance on immigration and integration but statistics show that the Bondevik government she was a minister in, with control over local affairs, let in thousands more migrants than the previous Red-Green government before.

“And alarmingly, she also proposed introducing Islamic Sharia Councils in Norway so, with all due respect, Prime Minister, I’m not sure we’ll be taking any advice you offer.

“However, we will of course be delighted to trade with you once Brexit has been completed and we can take our place again on the world stage.”

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Jeremy Wraith
Jeremy Wraith

We must leave the EU entirely ASAP. Since 1973 trading with the EEC/EU has resulted in a balance of payments deficit currently costing us well over £1 trillion while trade with the rest of the world has been a surplus. EU Membership fees, i.e. budgetary payments, have cost us a total of well over £400 billion, cash we could have well done with in the UK. Yet membership of the EU brings us absolutely NO benefits at all. If one looks at the list of the top 35 fastest growing exporters to the EU’s single market from 1993 to 2012… Read more »


Hi Peter, Happy new year. Hope you are doing Ok.

I totally agree with you Peter.


I do not agree that opinion is divided on a so called soft or hard brexit. Both sides in the campaign made it absolutely crystal clear that if we leave the EU we also leave the EU single market and the customs union. People voted knowing this and now it is only the elite in terms of money who are trying to water down what the majority of the UK voted for. There is no hard or soft brexit there is only brexit which is us leaving the EU, The EU single market and the Customs union. Only if we… Read more »

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